Best Space Photos of the Week — March 1, 2015

Europe's Newly Tested Space Plane Aims for Next Launch in 2019

ESA/Tommaso Javidi

With one reportedly flawless test flight already under its belt, officials are already planning a European space plane for its next test. [Read the Full Story]

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What Makes Starburst Galaxies Spawn at a Frenzied Pace? (Video)


Using ALMA, scientists peeled apart the layers of starburst regions in a nearby galaxy to discover the differences that cause them to produce new stars so rapidly. [Read the Full Story]

World View Makes Record-Setting Parafoil Flight from Near Edge of Space

World View

The private space experience company World View, which aims to send tourists to the edge of space in a balloon, broke a record Friday, flying a parafoil higher than anyone has before. [Read the Full Story]

Mars Rover Curiosity Snaps Amazing Selfie at Latest Drilling Site (Photo)


A new selfie taken by NASA's Mars rover Curiosity shows just where the six-wheeled robot has been working for the last five months. [Read the Full Story]

Mystery Spot on Dwarf Planet Ceres Has Mysterious Partner (Photos)


New photos captured by Dawn, which is scheduled to arrive in orbit around Ceres on the night of March 5, show that a puzzling bright spot within a large crater on the dwarf planet's surface has a buddy of sorts. [Read the Full Story]

Best 3D View of Deep Universe Reveals Astonishing Details (Video)

ESO/MUSE Consortium/R. Bacon

Astronomers have just released a brand-new, best-ever 3D view of the deep universe. An instrument mounted on a telescope in Chile spent 27 hours staring at the Hubble Space Telescope's Deep Field South region. [Read the Full Story]

NASA Celebrates Crawler-Transporters' 1st 50 Years with Test Drive

NASA/Cory Huston

With an eye towards the future, NASA has marked the first 50 years of its two rocket-moving crawler-transporters by taking one of the newly-upgraded massive machines out for a test drive to the launch pad. [Read the Full Story]

Catching a Fireball in the Cold

Mike Taylor/Mike Taylor Photography

Frigid temperatures usually yield clear skies, but with the massive storms this winter, photographer Mike Taylor had to carefully plan a trip to snap the skies of Sandy Point, Maine, and he was rewarded for his effort: an unexpected fireball above the horizon. [Read the Full Story]

X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO/M.Mezcua et al & NASA/CXC/INAF/A.Wolter et al; Optical: NASA/STScI and DSS; Inset: Radio: EVN/VLBI

Astronomers may have found an intermediate-mass black hole, a long-sought “missing link” between star-size black holes and the supermassive monsters that lurk at the hearts of galaxies. [Read the Full Story]

The Far Side of the Moon Has Phases and Now You Can See 'Em (Video)

NASA/LRO/NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

NASA’s LRO satellite reveals the phases of the moon on the side facing away from Earth. [Read the Full Story]

Curiosity Rover Drills into Mars Mountain Again (Photo)


NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has bored into rocks at the base of the towering Mount Sharp for the third time. [Read the Full Story]

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