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Photos: Canada's Next-Generation Robotic Arm for Space

Next-Generation Canadarm Facility

Canadian Space Agency

The Next-Generation Canadarm (NGC) facility provides a suite of robotic systems with the capability to support both low-Earth orbit and deep space missions, from repairing communication satellites to assisting human exploration missions to the Moon, asteroids and beyond.

Next-Generation Large Canadarm

Canadian Space Agency

The Next-Generation Large Canadarm is a 15-metre robotic arm which is able to collapse and fit onboard future smaller spacecraft.

Next-Generation Small Canadarm

Canadian Space Agency

The Next-Generation Small Canadarm, a "cousin" of Dextre, is outfitted with its own set of sophisticated tools and is designed to repair satellites in space.

Chris Hadfield Looks at Next-Gen Small Canadarm Prototype

Canadian Space Agency

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield looks on at a demonstration of the Next-Generation Canadarm Small Canadarm prototype during a visit to the NGC prime contractor, MDA of Brampton, Ontario, in September 2012.

Proximity Operations System Testbed

Canadian Space Agency

The Proximity Operations System Testbed allows engineers to simulate bringing two spacecraft in close-contact.

Semi-autonomous Docking System

Canadian Space Agency

Part of the Next-Generation Canadarm (NGC) project includes a test facility called Semi-autonomous Docking System, which simulates the steps required to dock two vehicles together.

Missions Operations Station

Canadian Space Agency

An operator at the helm of the Mission Operations Station has the capability to control the various robotic components.

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