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SpaceX Dragon Launches on 1st Space Station Cargo Trip (Photos)

SpaceX Dragon Meets Falcon 9


Technicians move a SpaceX Dragon capsule into place at the nose of the company's Falcon 9 rocket during preparations to launch the spacecraft on a cargo flight to the International Space Station.

How SpaceX's Dragon Space Capsule Works (Infographic)

Karl Tate/

A look inside the SpaceX Dragon capsule and its Falcon 9 rocket.

Falcon 9 and Dragon Liftoff


Liftoff of Falcon 9 and Dragon from Launch Complex 40 in Cape Canaveral, Fl. on Oct. 7, 2012.

Fans Watching Liftoff


Fans watch the CRS-1 Dragon launch to the International Space Station at Cape Canaveral, FL on Oct. 7, 2012.

SpaceX Employee Watches CRS-1 Launch


SpaceX employee watching from Hawthorne HQ from Oct. 7, 2012.

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