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Amazing Night Sky Photos of Venus, Moon & More (Sept. 2012)

Triangulum Galaxy's Pinwheel

Amir Hossein Abolfath

Triangulum Galaxy, also known as M33 or the Pinwheel Galaxy, is located roughly three million light years from Earth in the constellation Triangulum. Astrophotographer Amir Hossein Abolfath took this photo in Aug. 2012 from his home country of Iran. Image posted on Sept. 11

Northern Lights Above Finland

Ole Salomonsen (

Photographer Ole Salomonsen captured this stunning shot of the northern lights above Namaikka, Finland, on Sept. 4, 2012.

Zodiacal Light Seen at Mt. Lemmon Skycenter

Dale Cupp/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter

Zodiacal light was visible at the Mt. Lemmon Skycenter in Arizona on September 15, 2012.

Jupiter Photographed by Joe Taylor

Joe Taylor

Night sky watcher Joe Taylor sent in this photo of Jupiter taken September 18, 2012, from an undisclosed location.

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