Watch the next season of Marvel's 'What If' on Disney Plus: $2.99 Cyber Monday deal

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Of everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the best parts feel like the moments where it gets out of its own way. With a whopping 15 years of homework to do to catch up, references to find and easter eggs to enjoy, keeping up with everything ahead of The Marvels can feel like a big task.

That's why 'What If', a string of animated episodes where each is its own self-contained multiverse remixing of events from elsewhere in the franchise - and Season 2 will debut right before Christmas, and a new Cyber Monday deal can help you watch for a lot less. In fact, it's one of our favorite streaming deals we've seen so far, but you'll need to move quickly.

Grab a Hulu and Disney Plus subscription for $2.99 a month from Hulu. Only available until 28 November.

The bundle adds Hulu, too, so you're getting two streaming services for less than $3 a month. Disney Plus alone is $7.99 with ads, so it's a huge deal.

Hulu and Disney Plus subscription package $2.99/month

Hulu and Disney Plus subscription package $2.99/month.
Get yourself up to date with everything Marvel, Star Wars, and more with this deal - available for up to a year, and including Hulu.

Season 1 of 'What If' was a real treat, covering concepts like Captain Carter being the First Avenger instead of Steve Rogers, and T'Challa swapping his Black Panther storyline to be another universe's Star-Lord instead of Peter Quill. Oh, and there was a Zombie-themed episode, too, so nothing's really off the table for Season 2.

Aside from Marvel, there is a trio of Doctor Who specials arriving. One arrived over Black Friday weekend, but there's another due on December 2 and December 9, and they'll bring back David Tennant, the Fourteenth Doctor, and his companion Donna Temple-Noble.

There's also a small sci-fi franchise you may have heard of called Star Wars. You can watch every movie across every trilogy and spin-off, and you'll find TV shows like The Bad Batch, The Mandalorian, and this year's Ahsoka.

Hulu's not just there to make up the numbers, though. Ridley Scott's Alien, animated comedy Solar Opposites, and dystopian drama The Handmaid's Tale are all there, as well as the cult classic Firefly.

Key Specs: Hulu and Disney Plus for up to a year, both with ads. All for just $2.99 a month. Each one would usually cost $7.99 per month.

Consensus: Disney Plus is the headliner, and has a huge array of content across Marvel and Star Wars alone, let alone its own content, National Geographic, and Star (formerly FOX). Don't write Hulu off, though.

Buy if: You want to literally never run out of content to watch, especially sci-fi and superheroes. You're hooked on Marvel or animated comedies.

Don't buy if: You're really averse to the ad-supported nature of both subscriptions.

Alternatives: There are plenty of streaming services to pick from, but you can't go wrong with Netflix or Prime. The former has sci-fi hits like Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and Altered Carbon, as well as classic anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion. On Prime, you'll find Invincible, The Boys, and Lord of the Rings' The Rings of Power.

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