Vaonis announces Hyperia, its most advanced telescope yet

The new Hyperia telescope from Vaonis.
The new Hyperia telescope from Vaonis. (Image credit: Vaonis)

Following the release of the Stellina telescope in 2018 and the Vespera model less than a year ago, telescope maker Vaonis is launching a brand-new, ultra-powerful scope: Hyperia.

The new telescope, named after Hyperia, a titan in Greek mythology, aims to be a titan in the telescope market, standing at 6 foot 9 in the open position and weighing 165 lbs. (75 kilograms). 

Hyperia is also set to be one of the most powerful instruments on the market as it can display resolutions up to 61 million pixels, according to Vaonis' website. However, with a price that starts at £45,000 (just under $61,480, it's definitely not for the casual stargazer looking for a deal. 

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“Since the creation of Vaonis, we have been committed to making the exploration of the universe accessible to everyone," Vaonis founder Cyris Dupuy said in a statement. "Making the most efficient technologies on the market accessible to the most demanding public represents a new step taken for our company with the creation of Hyperia. Like the rest of our products,  ease of use and experience are in Hyperia's DNA."

According to Vaonis, the Hyperia telescope will be among the most powerful on the market and will be equipped with Direct Drive motorization that is used in the largest professional observatories, giving its users outstanding tracking quality and pointing speeds.

Anchored to the ground, Hyperia is designed to be stylish and durable. The material used for the telescope is Zicral, an alloy commonly used in the aerospace industry for its high quality mechanical performance and increased resistance to extreme conditions.  

For those interested in trying out Hyperia, you will be able to closely follow the manufacture of this mini-observatory with waiting periods expected to be anywhere between 12 and 18 months. Orders for the scope will only be taken from the Vaonis website

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