Giant robots defend Earth against alien attacks in new 'Robotech' comic series

Scene from the upcoming comic series "Robotech: Rick Hunter," showing a blue-haired woman standing in front of fighter jets with explosions in the background.
Titan Comics' "Robotech: Rick Hunter" series arrives on Aug. 2, 2023. (Image credit: Titan Comics)

Zooming beyond the iconic '80s space anime series at full afterburner, London-based Titan Comics is fueling up a new "Robotech" miniseries this summer that's pushing into the danger zone at much more than Mach 2 with its hair on fire.

Coming from "Transformers" and "Kamen Rider Zero-One" scribe Brandon Easton, alongside acclaimed "Power Rangers" artist Simone Ragazzoni, "Robotech: Rick Hunter #1" strikes Earth on Aug. 2 as a four-issue creative endeavor.

"Robotech" is a beloved sci-fi anime franchise that was imported to U.S. airwaves from Harmony Gold USA starting in 1985 as a condensed TV consolidation of three unrelated Japanese mecha offerings: "Super Dimension Fortress Macross," "Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross" and "Genesis Climber MOSPEADA."

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The cover for "Robotech: Rick Hunter #1." (Image credit: Titan Comics)

The supersonic, 85-episode show wowed fans with adventurous generation-spanning storylines centering around futuristic aerial combat, romantic entanglements, extraterrestrial wars and a squadron of transforming Veritech fighters that valiantly protect Earth against alien invaders.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Set after the devastating events of the "Macross" saga, "Robotech: Rick Hunter" will see Rick Hunter face an all new threat, along with the ghosts of his past — when a Zentraedi splinter group attacks Yokohama, Rick is called to investigate! Piloting the new prototype YF-4 Veritech, Rick encounters old friends and new enemies, all while recounting the moments of his life that shaped most epic moments in the "Robotech" universe!

"Working on the new series has been so exciting as we've managed to bring together a team of "Robotech" superfans to tell an all new story, as well as flashing back to the Macross Saga to provide fans with exciting, never-before-seen moments!" said Titan Comics editor Calum Collins in a press release. 

"Our writer Brandon Easton and artist Simone Ragazzoni both have a deep reverence for 'Robotech' and are bringing their A-game with an explosive plot, deep emotional scenes, and gorgeous artwork — in short, 'Robotech' fans are in for a real treat with 'Robotech: Rick Hunter!'" Collins added.

Another cover for "Robotech: Rick Hunter #1. (Image credit: Titan Comics)

This dynamic anime-influenced project is the newest member of Titan Comics' highly-respected "Robotech" roster that includes "Robotech Volumes 1-5," "Robotech Event Horizon," "Robotech Remix" and "Robotech Archives collections: The Macross Saga, The Sentinels and The Masters."

Streaking in with a flashy array of covers from artists Inhyuk Lee, Derrick Chew, Simone Ragazzoni, Josh Burcham and Nahuel Grego, "Robotech: Rick Hunter #1" touches down in comic shops on Aug. 2, 2023.

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