'Rick and Morty' cookbook offers sci-fi recipes straight from the multiverse

Art from Rick and Morty: The Official Cookbook depicting the title characters in chef's hats wielding cooking utensils.
Art from Rick and Morty: The Official Cookbook depicting the title characters in chef's hats wielding cooking utensils. (Image credit: Insight Editions)

"Rick and Morty," Cartoon Network's animated sci-fi sensation, has recently launched into its sixth season of portal-hopping hysteria and the bizarre adventures will blow your wandering mind into infinity.  

To capitalize on the madness of Rick's and Morty's weekly missions into the multiverse, publisher Insight Editions has unleashed a delectable volume of themed recipes in "Rick and Morty: The Official Cookbook."

While your spirit is adrift in parallel dimensions, you can curb your hunger by following these instructions on how to craft a gastronomic gallery of beverages, entrees, snacks, appetizers, side dishes and desserts all with a science fiction flair. 

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Rick and Morty: The Official Cookbook!

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This schwifty cookbook serves up all sorts of pickle-Rick-related weirdness perfect for any fan of the universe-hopping animated series.

Written by August Craig and James Asmus, this 144-page hardcover takes inspiration from the surreal series on Adult Swim's late-night block of mature programming and showcases many of the foods mentioned in many of the series' insane episodes over the past nine years. 

Insight's appetizing volume arrived in our universe on Oct. 4, 2022 and contains dozens of mouthwatering edibles that budding chefs and experienced kitchen commandos can conjure up with a minimum of fuss without ever leaving the confines of our home galaxy.

Art from "Rick and Morty: The Official Cookbook!" (Image credit: Insight Editions)

Here's Insight Edition's official description:

Create dishes from across the multiverse with "Rick and Morty: The Official Cookbook!" Featuring cuisine from the planets and dimensions seen in the series, this colorful cookbook offers a wide variety of over 50 recipes inspired by the beloved show. Fans will delight in recreating the show’s most iconic dishes, such as Sugar Chicken and Pickled Ricks, along with a host of other appetizers, main courses, desserts, and drinks. Bursting with photography that's sure to inspire chefs of any skill level, this cookbook is the perfect culinary companion for your travels across space and time.

After a hard day of leaping through portals to explore strange new worlds, "Rick and Morty" faithful can fortify themselves with imaginative recipes like Pickle Rick’s Transformation Brine, Mega Fruit Salad, Froopyland Waffles, Eye Holes, Roy's Meat Loaf, Gazorpazorpfield Enchiladas, Squanchy’s Squanched Squanch Juice, Hot Dogs on a Rick, Sand Sugar Chicken, and Multiverse Mojitos.

Art from "Rick and Morty: The Official Cookbook!" (Image credit: Insight Editions)

Each culinary creation is directly inspired by creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon's pop culture phenomenon, "Rick and Morty," with easy step-by-step instructions and helpful cooking tips for famished Earthlings around the globe.

Insight Editions' "Rick and Morty: The Official Cookbook!" hopped through a swirling green portal on Oct. 4.

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