Gift these moon lamps to your astronomy fan for up to 30% less

VGAzer Moon Lamp
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Bring the light of the moon into your room, no matter what the weather is like outside.

We've rounded up some of the best deals on moon lamps, allowing you to score up to 30% off as you look for the best bargain gifts for your astronomy lover. These lamps are all tabletop size and have flexible lighting conditions, allowing you to decorate a child's bedroom as a nightlight, or adorn a living room to host a colorful party.

The star deal of the moon lamp series is the VGAzer Moon Lamp, which is just $71.99 at Amazon and an incredible 20% off. Its best feature is the levitation, accomplished by hidden magnets and sure to be a great party trick for guests or during present-opening. It even spins!

The moon hovers like magic above an elegant faux hardwood stand, and can light up in any way you choose, whether it be a soft white to set an evening tone or a warm yellow to light up the area. Be sure to act fast to get this deal while it's in stock; otherwise, more space decor at a bargain basement price is available at our Black Friday deals page. 

VGAzer Moon Lamp: was $89.99 at Amazon
Save 20%

VGAzer Moon Lamp: was $89.99, now $71.99 at Amazon
Save 20%
on this levitating moon lamp that can shift between three different colors, depending on your mood.  It's a great way to practice searching for lunar features when the weather is cloudy.

The VGAzer Moon Lamp is just 6 inches (15 cm) across and a similarly compact 10 inches (25 centimeters) high, perfect for a bedroom or a small apartment. Its textured surface comes courtesy of 3D printing, based on a high-resolution scan of the actual moon.

A one-touch on/off switch will make it easy to bring the light of the moon into your area, or you can try out different moods by clicking the power button. Just like your phone, you can use wireless charging to keep power supplies high when you need them the most. As the advertisers joke for Game of Thrones fans, the night is dark and full of terrors. (Long live the Lord of Light!)

Representing the moon takes a lot of craft and care, and we've picked out some other options below that we believe are beautiful while highly respecting your wallet. The well-known brand Mydethun has a 16-color LED 3D moon lamp at just $23.16 at Amazon, an incredible 20% off but available in far more shades. Or if you want the same number of colors at an amazing 30% off, consider the Logrotate-16 color lamp that is only $13.98 at Amazon; that deal is comparable to coffee shop prices for hours of entertainment in your home.

Mydethun 16 Colors LED 3D Moon Lamp: was $28.95,

Mydethun 16 Colors LED 3D Moon Lamp: was $28.95, now $23.16 at Amazon 

Save 20% on this multi-color lunar lamp that is jam-packed with features: USB charging, remote control of colors and dimming, and even strobe or fade options to have a party atmosphere or soothing night vibe.

Logrotate 16 Colors Galaxy Lamp: was $19.98 now $13.98 on Amazon

Logrotate 16 Colors Galaxy Lamp: was $19.98 now $13.98 on Amazon

Save 30% on this beautiful moon lamp with a fantastical flair: 16 colors shine off the surface, and it can ripple or strobe as you need to match the mood of the room. A rechargeable battery and USB port maximize your options to bring the party, no matter where you go.

The moon is popular among Black Friday deals this year, with one of our favorite examples being a beautiful lunar-themed telescope. The Celestron 76mm Signature Series FirstScope has a wraparound moon design and includes a bundle of software and a book for 10% less at Amazon, so check that out for beginners wanting to look at the moon for real.

If you're on the hunt for other space decor, check out's Black Friday deals page. We have plenty of ways for you to observe the moon on the next clear night, too. Our best telescopes or the 10 best Black Friday telescope deals we've seen so far will get you sorted for higher-res views, while you can enjoy the moon in a wider field using our best binoculars of 2022.

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