Fortnite launches a 'Cosmic Summer' update with aliens and space-themed fun

Fortnite's Cosmic Summer update for Chapter 2 Season 7 will bring new summer and alien-themed challenges, rewards and character skins.
Fortnite's Cosmic Summer update for Chapter 2 Season 7 will bring new summer and alien-themed challenges, rewards and character skins. (Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite's current UFO-themed season has launched an "extraterrestrial celebration" for the summer and it should be a cosmic blast, according to developer Epic Games.

Until July 5, players of the battle royale game can compete for Cosmic Summer rewards (including some that are aviation or space-themed), participate in creative limited-time modes (LTMs), pick up summer outfits in the game shop, and try to use "abductor" spaceships that can really change up your match.

"Like the visitors who don't even come from this planet, you're invited to this summer party no matter which hemisphere you're in! 👽☀️," Epic Games said in a statement Tuesday (June 22).

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To jump into the LTMs, select the match type you want from the home screen of Fortnite. Your LTM options to complete the Cosmic Summer Quests include:

  • Freaky Flights – Air Royale,  which lets you engage in air battles with other teams; 
  • The Pit – Free For All, which lets you choose your weapons before jumping into an arena for a fight; 
  • Bios Zone Wars Trio 1.0 - Custom Teams, which is a sort of sandbox mode where teams compete in a vast arena and build what they need to conduct battles; 
  • Pro 100 Limited Time Mode, which lets you use cannons, weapons and other tools against players in a small space. 

Make sure to follow the instructions in your Quests tab to unlock all the Cosmic Summer Quests by 11:59 p.m. EDT July 5 (0359 GMT July 6). For finishing two quests, players will unlock a Believer Beach Loading Screen, which refers to a UFO-themed zone on the main Fortnite map that is replete with alien-themed graffiti and decorations.

If you manage to finish six Cosmic Summer Quests, you'll get an Icy Pop Wrap. Twelve finished quests will bring you a Lil' Treat Emote, according to Epic Games.

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Those players preferring to stay in the main Fortnite game can attempt to take advantage of Abductors, which are new spaceships that hover over the ground and beam a limited number of players to a spaceship, "Star Trek"-style. 

"Some who claim to have been abducted say they were taken to the Mothership, but we don't know what the aliens would have to gain," Epic Games said in a separate description of the Abductors. The developer hints that you should aim to collect orange-looking orbs in the Mothership to pick up great weapons and extend your time in the spaceship.

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Another new addition to the maps is Parasites, a type of alien wildlife. If you let a Parasite latch on to you, your health will drain from a maximum of 100 points down to 60, Epic Games said. 

"But this relationship is more give-and-take than it seems," the developer added. "Not only do they protect you from headshot damage, but they also make you run faster and jump higher. Parasites have an aversion to water, fire, and, unsurprisingly, attacks."

Other new updates in Fortnite include hacked flying saucers, hacked recon scanners, and different outfits for main characters when you get past Level 100 of the Battle Pass. A Battle Pass costs 950 V-bucks (1,000 V-bucks is roughly $9.99 USD) and will last you an entire season of Fortnite, which usually is a few months long. The current season started June 4.

Correction: An earlier version of this article included an incorrect spelling for the character Dr. Slone.

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