In Memoriam: Astronaut Dick Gordon Remembered in Pictures

In the Van


Astronaut Richard "Dick" Gordon was one of the first NASA astronauts to fly to space, first as pilot of Gemini 11 in 1966 and then as Apollo 12 command module pilot in 1969. He passed away on Nov. 6, 2017 at the age of 88.


Taking a Break


Inside the Gemini Mission Simulator, the Gemini 11 prime and backup crews take a break from training. From left to right are William A. Anders, backup crew pilot; Dick Gordon, prime crew pilot; Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr. (foot on desk), prime crew command pilot; and Neil A. Armstrong, backup crew command pilot.

A Quick Stroll


As part of the Gemini 11 mission, astronaut Dick Gordon attaches a tether to the Agena vehicle from the Gemini capsule during a spacewalk. Gordon was the fourth American to "walk" in space.

Ready for Liftoff

Bettmann Archive/Getty

Astronauts Alan Bean, Dick Gordon and Pete Conrad, from left to right, lie inside the Apollo 12 command module in preparation for launch.

Ocean of Storms


During NASA's second manned lunar mission, Apollo 12, astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean became the third and fourth men on the lunar surface. Astronaut Dick Gordon remained in the Command Module in orbit.

Ready to Take the Controls

Bettmann Archive/Getty

Astronauts Dick Gordon (left) and Pete Conrad were chosen in 1965 as backup crew for the Gemini 8 spaceflight mission.

Astronaut Richard "Dick" Gordon, Jr.


This official NASA portrait of astronaut Dick Gordon was taken in 1964.

Waiting to train


Aboard the NASA Motor Vessel Retriever, astronauts Dick Gordon (left) and Pete Conrad relax in their training suits, waiting for water egress training to begin.

Welcome Home!


After a successful splashdown on Sept. 15, 1966, astronauts Pete Conrad and Dick Gordon (left), the Gemini 11 prime crew, wave to the crew aboard the USS Guam.

A Warm Reception


At the Cape Kennedy skid strip, astronauts Dick Gordon (right) and Pete Conrad wave to crowds. The Gemini 11 prime crew just concluded a three-day mission in space.

Preparing for Apollo 12


On Oct. 22, 1969, astronaut Dick Gordon trains in a simulator getting ready for the second manned lunar landing mission. Gordon was part of the Apollo 12 prime crew along with NASA astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean.

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