In Memoriam: Astronaut Dick Gordon Remembered in Pictures

Water Survival Training

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In Pensacola, Florida, an astronaut training group sits by a swimming pool during water survival training and pre-flight training. From left: the instructor, Jack Martin, Buzz Aldrin, Ray Zedekar, Howard Minners, (front row) Mike Collins, Roger Chaffee, Gene Cernan, Pete Bassett, Dick Gordon, (back row) Dave Scott, Rusty Schweickart, C.C. William, Ted Freeman, and Walt Cunningham.



On Sept. 12, 1966, the Gemini 11 spacecraft launched from Kennedy Space Center's Launch Complex 19, carrying astronauts Pete Conrad and Dick Gordon into space.

Objective Complete


During the Gemini 11 mission, astronaut Dick Gordon returns to the craft's hatch after a spacewalk.

Wrapping Up


During the Gemini 11 mission, astronaut Dick Gordon prepares to jettison used equipment from the spacecraft's hatch.

Back to Earth


Apollo 12 astronauts Pete Conrad (facing the camera), Dick Gordon (middle), command module pilot; and Alan Bean sit in a raft as a U.S. Navy Underwater Demolition Team swimmer closes the command module. The trio was transported by helicopter to the prime recovery ship, the USS Hornet, after completing the second manned lunar landing mission.

Aboard the Recovery Vessel


The Apollo 12 crew waves to USS Hornet crew as they make their way to the Mobile Quarantine Facility for medical evaluation and debriefing.

The Apollo 12 Prime Crew


In this official NASA portrait, the Apollo 12 prime crew pose. From left to right: Pete Conrad, Dick Gordon and Alan Bean

Checkout Time


In Downey, California, at the North American Rockwell Space Division, the Apollo 12 prime crew examines the Apollo 12 spacecraft.

Prelaunch Moves


Leaving the Kennedy Space Center's Manned Spacecraft Operations Building, the Apollo 12 crewmembers enter the transport van and make their way to Launch Complex 39, Pad A, where the Apollo 12 spacecraft waits.

Dressed for the Occasion


During the prelaunch countdown for Apollo 12, astronaut Dick Gordon suits up.

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