Solar system "travel agents" Olivia Koski and Jana Grcevich dropped by the office to talk about their new book, "Vacation Guide to the Solar System" (Penguin Books, 2017) and offer recommendations on the most underrated — and the absolute worst — places to visit in the solar system. Plus, what comes next for their Intergalactic Travel Bureau.

Watch the interview's two parts in the videos above and below, and check out our longer author Q&A for more on the book. Be sure to look at the book's amazing illustrations in our gallery.

  • Mercury! It's closest to the sun, making it a great (& hot) place to catch some rays.
  • Venus! An adventurous planet that's hotter than Mercury & has a toxic atmosphere.
  • Saturn! Ah, those glorious rings are calling out for appreciation.
  • Mars! The Red Planet is a frontier world — that's my kind of place.
  • Jupiter! It's the king of planets! Who wouldn't want to go see the Great Red Spot?
  • Earth! Our homeworld is just right, with oceans, air and comfortable temperatures.
  • Uranus! A tilted planet with its own rings? Count me in!
  • Neptune! This planet can have supersonic winds, so it's no breeze!
  • Pluto! We know it's a dwarf planet, but we still love it!
  • Planet Nine?! A truly undiscovered world, if we can actually find it.

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