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Hasbro's 'Star Wars' 40th Anniversary Toys Recreate Famed Kenner Early Bird Kit
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars in 2017, Hasbro is releasing its Star Wars Black Series 6-inch Legacy Pack that recreates the famed Kenner Early Bird Certificate from 1977.
Credit: Hasbro

NEW YORK – The Force is seriously strong with Hasbro's birthday present to "Star Wars" fans. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars this year, Hasbro is going back to the beginning by recreating the famed Kenner Early Bird Certificate for action figures from 1977.

Hasbro unveiled the new Star Wars 40th Anniversary Legacy Pack (and a ton of other toys from a galaxy far, far away) during Toy Fair 2017 Saturday (Feb. 18). The Legacy pack comes a detailed Darth Vader figure and cardboard background art that recreates the original Kenner display art. There's a surprise on the other side, but we'll see that lower down. The rest of the figures shown in the art will be sold separately in two waves. Wave 1 is scheduled for release in April, with Wave 2 coming in June, Hasbro representatives said. [The Best Star Wars Gadget Gifts]

The main Legacy Pack with Vader will be $39.99 when it's released, according to Entertainment Weekly. In addition to the figures available to be displayed in the pack, Hasbro also unveiled new Centerpiece displays for its Black Series figures (one with Vader in classic Dark Side form and the other with Luke Skywalker), along with exclusive figures to be released in Target, Walmart, GameStop and at the Star Wars Celebration later this year. Here's a look at the new figures Hasbro has on the way.  

The packaging for Hasbro's Star Wars Legacy Pack is a throwback to Kenner's original Eary Bird Certificate kit. But instead of a cardboard envelope and a certificate, the new pack incudes a detailed Darth Vader figure, complete with red lightsaber. Credit: Hasbro.

The main art background for the Legacy Pack echoes the original Kenner kit. But Hasbro has included an extra battle scene on the other side, making the Legacy Pack background reversible.

We got a first look at how the Legacy Pack would look on a shelf with all its figures on display. I took the photo above. The nostalgia factor of these figures is certainly high. As we mentioned earlier, the other figures will be sold separately in backs with distinct card art that serves as a throwback to the 1977 figures. Darth Vader can also be found separately as well. Here's a detailed look at those figures. 

Darth Vader. Credit: Hasbro

Luke Skywalker. Credit: Hasbro

Princess Leia. Credit: Hasbro

Han Solo. Credit: Hasbro

Chewbacca. Credit: Hasbro.

Obi-Wan Kenobi. Credit: Hasbro

R2-D2. Credit: Hasbro

C-3PO. Credit: Hasbro

Stormtrooper. Credit: Hasbro

Jawa. Credit: Hasbro

Sand People. Credit: Hasbro

Death Squad Commander. Credit: Hasbro

In addition to the 40th Anniversary Legacy Pack, Hasbro will release new Centerpiece displays to serve as eye-catching anchors for your Star Wars shelf. One showcases the scene of Darth Vader slicing his way through the Tantive IV in a hunt for the Death Star plans stolen by Rebels. Credit: Hasbro. 

The two displays feature light up elements and includes footspace for other figures to allow fans to set up their own scenes. Credit Hasbro.

The other Centerpiece features Luke Skywalker, lightsaber at the ready, as he vaults over a fallen Imperial walker footpad. My photo is grainy, but gives an idea of the size of these display centerpieces. Here, the centerpiece is shown with two Snowtroopers from the Black Series line.Credit: Hasbro.

Last, but not least, Hasbro has a series of exclusive figures that will be released at the Star Wars Celebration, as well as in Target, GameStop and Walmart. The Celebration exclusive will be a 6-inch Luke Skywalker in his X-Wing pilot uniform, as seen above. Credit: Hasbro

And here's a look at how the Celebration exclusive Skywalker will look in his foil card packaging. Credit: Hasbro.

If droids are your thing, GameStop will be releasing an exclusive R5-D4 figure for Hasbro. Credit: Hasbro.

Luke better warn Uncle Owen that this one has a bad motivator. Credit: Hasbro.

An exclusive AT-ACT Driver will be available in Target stores later this year, according to Hasbro reps. Credit: Hasbro.

And here's a look at the packaging for the AT-ACT Driver. Credit: Hasbro.

Finally, if you're looking for something smaller, then Walmart stores will be featuring an exclusive 3.75-inch four-pack featuring some iconic characters, including what appears to be a Boba Fett in the white Mandalorian armor from his original design. Credit: Hasbro.

So if you're a Star Wars fan or have little Jedi (or Sith) in training, there's a lot to look forward to bring the 40th anniversary of Star Wars home. But what do you think? Have a favorite character figure from the 2017 Black Series line? Let us know in the comments below!

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