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NASA's Best Photos of Earth from Space of 2016 (Gallery)

Highs and Lows


Snow and clouds highlight the green fields surrounding Mount Fuji in Honshu, Japan in this February 8, 2016 photo from the ISS.

Drying Out


Lake Urmia in northwestern Iran seems to be showing evidence of climate change in this September 12, 2016 image from the International Space Station.

Fields of White


Over the northeastern Atlantic Ocean a Stratus cloud field grows in this image taken fro the ISS on June 26, 2016.

Oasis in the Desert


From the ISS, this image of southern Egypt's Lake Nasser was taken June 21, 2016.

Shimmering Lights


Dubai and the northeastern United Arab Emirates glitter and glow in the night in this March 11, 2016 image taken from the International Space Station.

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