Meteor Blast Over Russia Feb. 15: Complete Coverage

Meteor blast occurs over eastern Russia.
What appears to be a meteor trail over eastern Russia is seen in this image released Feb. 15, 2013, by the Russian Emergency Ministry. The meteor fall included a massive blast, according to Russian reports. (Image credit: Russian Emergency Ministry)

Early this morning (Feb. 15), a meteor streaked across the sky above Russia's Ural Mountains. The fireball exploded, injuring more than a thousand people, creating a sonic boom and damaging hundreds of buildings, according to press reports.

Big Story: Russia Meteor Blast is Biggest in 100 Years
The dramatic fireball that exploded over Russia was apparently the biggest such blast in more than a century, scientists say.

RAW VIDEO: Meteorite Crash in Russia Sparks Panic
A series of explosions in the skies of Russia's Urals region, reportedly caused by a meteor shower, has sparked panic in three major cities.

See's complete coverage, photos and videos related to the Russian meteor below:


Meteor Streaks Over Russia, Explodes (Photos)
See photos of an apparent meteor that lit up the Russian sky on Feb. 15, 2013, and created a massive blast.

Huge Russian Meteor Blast is Biggest Since 1908 (Infographic )
The Feb. 15, 2013 meteor blast over Chelyabinsk, Russia, damaged hundreds of buildings and injured more than 1,000 people. Here's what happened.

NEOs: Near Earth Objects - The Video Show
Close encounters of extraterrestrial objects seen on and above Earth, coming from asteroids and meteors.

Meteor Hits Central Russia, 900+ Hurt | Video
A meteor crashes into the Urals in central Russia, injuring over 900 people, authorities say.

5 Amazing Fireballs Caught on Video (Countdown)
Here are five incredible fireballs caught on video.

News Stories

Wednesday, Feb. 27

Russian Meteor's Origin and Size Pinned Down
A meteor that exploded over Russia earlier this month likely hit Earth after a long trip from beyond the orbit of Mars, scientists say.

Tuesday, Feb. 26

Russian Meteor Fallout: What to Do Next Time?
Researchers and policymakers are ramping up efforts to detect and deflect asteroids.

Russian Meteor Fragments Found, Origin Calculated

Russian Meteor Explosion - All You Need About Chelyabinsk's Surprise Space Rock

Friday, Feb. 22

Russian Meteor Generates 100 Million Video View Record
The unexpected impact has become the fastest growing video event on the Internet.

Wednesday, Feb. 20

How to 'Hear' the Russian Meteor Explosion
Sped up for human ears, hear the largest infrasound blast ever detected by the world's nuclear-monitoring network.

Tuesday, Feb. 19

Russia Meteor Blast Was Largest Detected by Nuclear Monitoring System
The meteor blast was stronger than nuclear explosions and detected from as far away as Antarctica.


Russian Meteor Produces Largest Infrasonic Waves Recorded

Monday, Feb. 18

Russian Meteor Fallout: Military Satellite Data Should Be Shared
The Russian meteor explosion over Russia Friday (Feb. 15) is a clear example of why military satellite data on fireballs should be shared, scientists say.

Meteorites from Russian Fireball Possibly Found
A group of Russian scientists has reported finding small meteorites from the fireball that exploded over the Chelyabinsk region in a blinding light, sending a shockwave that caused millions of dollars in damage in the city.

Sunday, Feb. 17

Russian Meteor Blast 'Heard' Around the World
The shock wave from Friday's (Feb. 15) meteor explosion above Russia sent subsonic waves through the atmosphere halfway around the world.

United Nations Reviewing Asteroid Impact Threat
The Russian fireball and the close flyby of the asteroid 2012 DA14 on Friday (Feb. 15) came at a moment in time when the United Nations is discussing international response to the near-Earth object impact concern.

Russia Meteor: Former Astronaut Says 'Universe Is a Crowded Place'
Referring to the Russia meteor explosion, former NASA astronaut Mark Kelly reminded us this Sunday morning on NBC's "Meet the Press" that the "universe is a crowded place."

Saturday, Feb. 16

Russian Fireball Won't Be Last Surprise Asteroid Attack
The world will have to live with surprise asteroid attacks on the scale of Friday's Russian fireball, at least for a while, scientist say.

Russian Meteor Crash - Trail and Trajectory Animated - Video
The asteroid that slammed into the atmosphere and exploded over the Ural Mountains, injuring over 1,000 people, gets an animated treatment. Close up and over Earth views are shown.

Russian Fireball Highlights Asteroid Threat, Lawmaker Says
The dramatic meteor explosion over Russia Friday (Feb. 15) highlights the need for more attention to be paid to the threat of near-Earth asteroids, an says influential American congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.)

Friday, Feb. 15

Meteorite Collectors Race to Find Fragments in Russia (OurAmazingPlanet)
The biggest meteor blast in a century is expected to kick off a booming market in rocks from space.

Russian Meteor Explosion Outshone Sun
The fireball that exploded over Russia Friday morning (Feb. 15) provided onlookers with an incredible spectacle, even outshining the sun for a brief period, scientists say.

Russian Meteor Track and Detonation Seen From Space | Video
EUMETSAT's Meteosat-9 satellite captured imagery of the space rock over Russia in February 15th, 2013.

What Is an Asteroid, a Meteor and a Meteorite?
The terms asteroid, meteor, meteorite and meteoroid are explained.

US House Committee to Hold Hearing on Asteroid Risk
The U.S. House of Representative's Science, Space, and Technology Committee announced today (Feb. 15) it will hold a hearing in the coming weeks on how to deal with asteroids that pose a potential threat to Earth.

Russian Meteor Shook Ground Like An Earthquake (LiveScience)
A meteor explosion in the skies above Russia this morning also walloped the Earth, triggering shaking as strong as an earthquake, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reports.

Satellite Sees Russian Meteor Explosion from Space
The meteor explosion over Russia earlier today was captured by a space satellite in orbit around Earth.

Russian Meteor Strike Injures Hundreds | Video
Over 900 people were injured, and 3000 buildings damaged on Friday, February 15th, 2013, when a meteor exploded above the central Russian city of Chelyabinsk, unleashing a shock wave that shattered panes of glass.

Russian Fireball Explosion Comes Amid Fireball Season
The fireball that struck Russia today injuring more than 900 people is a glaring reminder that February is "fireball month." An unusually high number of meteors brighter than Venus can be seen this time of year.

Russian Meteor Explosion Not Caused by Asteroid Flyby, NASA Scientist Says
NASA asteroid expert Don Yeomans says it is clear this meteor explosion is not related to today's asteroid flyby.

Meteor Explosion in Russia Hurts Hundreds of People: Reports
The meteor sent a shockwave that shattered window and damaged hundreds of buildings, Russian officials said.

Meteorite Falls in Eastern Russia, Causes Damage: Reports
A meteor streaked across the sky in eastern Russia Friday (Feb. 15), unleashing a powerful blast that shattered windows, damaged buildings and may have caused injuries, according to Russian officials and news reports. 

The meteor which exploded over the Urals of central Russia was seen by Meteosat-9, at the edge of the satellite view. Hundreds of people were reportedly injured as the meteor's massive sonic boom caused widespread damage. Image taken Feb. 15, 2013, 3:15 UTC. (Image credit: EUMETSAT)


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