Photos: Blue Moon of August 2012

True Blue

Meggan Wood

Meggan Wood used a blue filter to get a fittingly blue photo of the August 2012 blue moon from Maricopa, Az.

Mountain Moon

Gary Randall

The blue moon shines behind Mount Hood, Oregon, in this photo by Gary Randall.

Tree & Moon

Jason Hight

A gnarled tree hangs over the blue moon in this shot by Jason Hight, taken in Longmont, Colo.

Crisp Blue Moon

Matt Molloy

Photographer Matt Molloy took this photo of the blue moon from his backyard on the shore of lake Ontario, Canada.

Friends Under the Moon

Davide Tedeschi

Friends watch the blue moon in this photo by Davide Tedeschi taken in Montreal, Canada.

Evergreen Valley Blue Moon

Mary P. Bowman

The blue moon over Evergreen Valley in Olympia, Wash., was photographed Aug. 31, 2012 by Mary P. Bowman.

Blue Moon for Neil

Dennis Daniels

"Thinking of you, Neil," wrote Dennis Daniels, who took this blue moon photo to honor the late Neil Armstrong, who died Aug. 25, 2012 a week before this photo was taken.

Monsoon Blue Moon

Ajay Talwar, TWAN

"Yesterday's blue moon was actually reddish when it rose over the Avenue Rajpath, New Delhi," wrote photographer Ajay Talwar. "Actually it was lucky to have been visible at all during the Indian Monsoons."

Blue Moon Over World Trade Center

Kevin Ly

From New York City, Kevin Ly took this photo of the blue moon over the site of the World Trade Center.

Blue Moon Over Denmark

Johan Clausen

This photo of the August 2012 blue moon was taken by Johan Clausen in Denmark.

Blue Moon Chased by Dragons

Rochelle Jordan

"The leaves look like a dragon chasing the moon," wrote Rochelle Jordan, who took this blue moon photo from Glen Allen, Va., on Aug. 31, 2012.

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