Jupiter: Latest Discoveries and Photos

Learn the latest discoveries about Jupiter and the Jovian moons and rings. The gas giant Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.
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October's Planets on Parade: How and When to See Them
Moon, Venus and Regulus, October 2015
October 5th, 2015
Here's a guide for October skywatchers: First catch Saturn, then Jupiter, Mars and Venus, and finally Mercury in the night sky as this month's planetary parade begins.
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Filmmakers Show the Scale of the Solar System in Amazing Video
'To Scale: The Solar System'
September 22nd, 2015
A new video called "To Scale: The Solar System" does its best to teach viewers just how vast our cosmic backyard really is, by creating a scale model of Earth's neighborhood in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.
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Magma Oceans on Jupiter's Moon Io May Solve Volcano Mystery
Jupiter's moon Io juxtaposed with Jupiter's moon Europa. Three lava plumes dot Io's surface.
September 14th, 2015
Something strange is happening on Io: The Jupiter moon's vigorous volcanoes are mysteriously offset from where scientists expected, and its underground magma oceans may be the cause.
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Best Space Stories of the Week — Sept. 13, 2015
Surface Features on Pluto
September 13th, 2015
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft beamed home incredible new images of Pluto, scientists found a giant buried ice sheet on Mars and Elon Musk chatted with Stephen Colbert about the future of spaceflight. Here are Space.com's top stories of the week. 
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Stunning Web Comic 'Brassens in Space' Takes Readers on Cosmic Journey
'Brassens in Space' Comic
September 1st, 2015
An illustrated Web comic by the cartoonist Boulet explains his passion for stargazing, and takes readers on an awe-inspiring tour of the cosmic landscapes made visible by science.
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Listening for Alien Life: Could New Tech Detect Microbe Movements?
Remote Acoustic Sensor (RAS) Technology
October 1st, 2015
Scientists are testing a new microphone technology called the remote acoustic sensor (RAS), which is capable of capturing sounds within extreme and often inaccessible aerospace environments.
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What's That Strange Bright Dot in the Morning Sky?
September 8th, 2015
If you see a bright light just above the horizon at sunrise, don't panic! It's not a UFO — it's probably just Venus.
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