Jupiter: Latest Discoveries and Photos

Learn the latest discoveries about Jupiter and the Jovian moons and rings. The gas giant Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.
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How to See the Brightest Planets in the April Night Sky
Venus in April 2015
April 2nd, 2015
Skywatchers around the world can look forward to spotting bright planets throughout April; observers just need to know where to look.
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Icy-Moon Discoveries: What They Mean for Alien Life Search
Enceladus Cross-Section
March 31st, 2015
Earlier this month, researchers made two big announcements: Saturn's moon Enceladus likely harbors hot springs, and Jupiter's huge satellite Ganymede apparently possesses a subsurface ocean that may contain more water than all of Earth does.
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Signs of Alien Life Will Be Found by 2025, NASA's Chief Scientist Predicts
Recent observations by planetary probes and telescopes on the ground and in space have shown that water is common throughout our solar system and the broader Milky Way galaxy.
April 7th, 2015
Solid signs of alien life will be spotted within 10 years, and definitive evidence will roll in within 20 to 30 years, NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan said Tuesday (April 7).
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Living on Other Planets: What Would It Be Like?
Solar System Montage by NASA
April 2nd, 2015
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on the moon? What about Mars, or Venus or Mercury? We sure have and that's why we decided to find out what it might be like to live on other worlds in our solar system, from Mercury to Pluto and beyond
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Best Space Stories of the Week – March 29, 2015
Expedition 43 Launch #3
March 29th, 2015
Two spaceflyers blasted off on the first-ever yearlong mission to the International Space Station and NASA announced its plan to haul a boulder from a near-Earth asteroid to lunar orbit. Here's a look at Space.com's top stories of the week.
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Best Space Stories of the Week – March 15, 2015
Enceladus Cross-Section
March 15th, 2015
NASA launched a new space-weather mission and scientists found evidence of a hydrothermal system on Saturn's ocean-bearing moon Enceladus. Here's a look at Space.com's top stories of the week.
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Best Space Stories of the Week – April 5, 2015
In this acrylic painting, University of Utah astrophysicist Ben Bromley envisions the view of a double sunset from an uninhabited Earthlike planet orbiting a pair of binary stars.
April 5th, 2015
What were our favorite stories of the week? This week had something for every kind of space fan. Find out our favorite stories of the past seven days below:
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Mystery of Gas Giant Planets' Death Spiral May Be Solved
Gas giants must form a massive core before they can begin accreting gas, but how the process works has been a mystery for more than three decades.
April 1st, 2015
Material falling onto a growing gas giant's core may provide the push needed to keep the planet from spiraling into its star. The discovery could solve the 30-year mystery of how distant gas giants, such as Jupiter, survive their formation period.
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Star Power: Spring's Night Sky Dazzles with Constellations Aplenty
Big Dipper Seen in the Canary Islands
March 27th, 2015
With spring underway, the evening sky is in transition. What new stars and constellations will adorn the night sky for the next few months?
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