3D Printing In Space: 21st Century Space Manufacturing and Technology

The rise of 3D printing technology is not confined to Earth. Private companies, NASA and other groups are quickly developing new concepts to launch 3D printing into the final frontier. See the latest news, videos and photos of 3D printing in space here.
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3D-Printed Bubble House Made for Mars
Sfero Bubble House for Mars
September 16th, 2015
French designers propose an innovative shelter for Mars.
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Made In Space Launches 'Space-Grade' 3D Printing Material for Sale
Made in Space 3D Plastic Filament
April 16th, 2015
They made the first 3D printer to be used in space possible. They made the files used to 3D print their tools in space available. Now, Made In Space is making the material used to 3D print in space for sale.
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Incredible Technology: Spiderlike Robots Could Build Giant Space Structures
Tethers Unlimited envisions using spider-like robots (seen here in an artist's concept) to assemble huge structures in space.
April 6th, 2015
A company called Tethers Unlimited is developing an in-space manufacturing system called "SpiderFab," which would use arachnidlike robots to put together large objects in orbit or beyond.
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In-Space Satellite Construction May Be Coming Soon
'Stash & Deploy' Cubesat Service
August 12th, 2015
Space manufacturing company Made In Space is teaming with NanoRacks, which helps commercial customers make use of the International Space Station, to develop an orbital construction-and-deployment service for tiny satellites known as cubesats.
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Best Space Stories of the Week – April 12, 2015
Skywatcher Joe Wiggins snapped this photo of the April 4 total lunar eclipse from his front yard on a cold, cloudless morning in Centennial, Colorado.
April 12th, 2015
A total lunar eclipse wowed skywatchers and two private spaceflight companies tackled big challenges. These, and more, are Space.com's picks for the best space stories for the week of April 12.
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3D Printing Puts Giant Star System in Palm of Your Hand
A 3D-printed model of the Homunculus Nebula is compared to a Hubble Space Telescope image of the object.
February 24th, 2015
Most astronomers rely on flat images to study cosmic objects, but a group of researchers is taking an alternate approach: They're creating 3D-printed models of a star system in order to study its physical characteristics and investigate its mysterious pas
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How to 3D Print a Space Station Wrench Emailed to Orbit
International Space Station commander Butch Wilmore shows off the ratchet wrench made with Made In Space's 3D printer on the station. The same wrench can now be printed at home.
December 29th, 2014
The first-ever hand tool to be emailed up to the International Space Station can now be downloaded to anywhere on Earth.
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Students Aim for Space with 3D-Printed Rocket Engine
UCSD students at Mojave Test Facility
July 1st, 2015
A group of university engineering students have created — and successfully test-fired — a 3D-printed rocket engine. The students aim to eventually launch tiny satellites to space.
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1st Parts from 3D Printer in Space About to Get a Close-Up (Video)
Unboxing the First 3D Printed Items from Space
April 8th, 2015
On Monday (April 6), NASA engineers took their first looks at the parts cranked out by the International Space Station's 3D printer.
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