Marvel Comics reveals new 'Star Wars: Yoda' series

Yoda with a lightsaber in a Star Wars comic book.
Marvel Comics unveiled its upcoming "Star Wars: Yoda" series at Star Wars Celebration 2022. (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

As Kermit the Frog once sang, "It's not easy being green," but when you're one of the most powerful Jedi Masters that ever lived and you've got some wicked flip moves when dueling with nefarious Sith lords, your skin's emerald hue isn't really a disadvantage.

To further explore colorful history of the Jedi icon Yoda in the "Star Wars" universe, Marvel Comics announced a new limited event series at Star Wars Celebration 2022 last month that chronicles three distinct periods in the wise little alien's life. 

"Star Wars: Yoda" is a sprawling 10-issue saga due to arrive this coming October, framed by Yoda's existence on the swampy planet of Dagobah as he contemplates some of his more memorable adventures during his time of exile after the purging Order 66 was decreed.  (If you're looking to catch up on your Star Wars reading, our guide on the best Star Wars books is a great place to start.)

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Interior art from "Star Wars: Yoda #1" (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

“I’ve been wanting to do a Yoda book since I started working on the "Star Wars" titles,” Marvel Editor Mark Paniccia said in an official press release. “Yoda is a very special character to me as he is to everyone working on this series. We all have our hearts and souls in this and I hope the fans enjoy it as much as we have putting it together. It’s really unique and I’m very proud of it.” 

This reflective series will be split into three different story arcs encompassing hundreds of years and will be presented by a blend of creative teams for each segment, each memory delving into pivotal chapters in the Jedi Master's 900-year-old existence and relationship with the Force. 

Check out artist Phil Noto's debut cover for "Star Wars: Yoda #1" below.

The cover art for "Star Wars: Yoda #1" from Marvel Comics. (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

New York Times bestselling author Cavan Scott ("Star Wars: The High Republic") and artist Nico Leon ("Ms. Marvel," "Spider-Man") ignite the series with a kickoff tale set during the "Star Wars: The High Republic" era. 

Next up are writers Jody Houser and Marc Guggenheim, accompanied by artists Luke Ross and Alessandro Miracolo, with stories unfolding before the Prequel Trilogy timeline and approaching the end of the Clone Wars

For the third and final leg, Scott and Leon return to complete the last event in the climactic issue. It's hard to believe, but this is actually Yoda's first solo comic book series and it's fertile territory to delve more into untouched pockets of his life to add dimension to his legendary mythology.

Interior art from "Star Wars: Yoda #1" (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

“I’ve been lucky to write Yoda in various projects over the last few years, most notably in "Dooku: Jedi Lost," and every time I write him my love for him deepens,” Scott told

“It’s fair to say that my study at home is a shrine for three "Star Wars" icons: there are a lot of Obi-Wan figures; many, many, many, MANY pieces of Ewok merchandise (do I love those murder bears more than the Lepi? Don’t tell Jaxxon, but there’s every chance!); and then there is Yoda. The little guy is everywhere, in models, in art, and in lots of LEGO. Yoda casts a long shadow over anything he appears in, and writing him is a privilege and a responsibility I take seriously.”

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Marvel Comics' "Star Wars: Yoda #1" steps into comic shops and online retailers in October. You can also see our roundup of the best Star Wars gifts and deals and the best Lego Star Wars sets to build your own galaxy far, far away.

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