Star Wars: Hunters launches in June for Nintendo Switch and mobile (video)

Promotional image for the video game Star Wars: Hunters. Close up of a woman with a white mohawk hairstyle flopping to the right. She has red markings on her face and is holding a red lightsaber, ready for battle. She is smirking.
(Image credit: Lucasfilm/Zynga)

Star Wars fans, prepare yourself, Star Wars: Hunters is on the horizon. Lucasfilm Games and Zynga are finally ready to open the floodgates and let every Star Wars fanatic with a Nintendo Switch or mobile phone (Android and iOS) into Star Wars: Hunters.

The game, envisioned as a third-person, player-versus-player action game in the vein of Overwatch and other casual shooters, takes place on the (canonical) planet of Vespaara. Here "high-stakes competitions" happen in an arena that is turned into "battlegrounds that evoke iconic Star Wars worlds." It's all about finding the right team configuration through the mix-and-match of the colorful cast of original characters and customizing them to improve their chances against enemy teams.

Lucasfilm Games and Zynga celebrated the announcement of the June 4 launch date and opened pre-registrations with an exciting CG cinematic trailer. The clip perfectly sets a playful tone and introduces some of the most iconic characters in the game, including the dark side assassin Rieve. You can watch it below:

Star Wars: Hunters was originally announced in early 2021 with a teaser trailer that promised a full launch later that year. More than three years later, and after several closed beta tests and limited access in select territories, it appears that Disney and Zynga are finally happy with the game and ready to unleash it.

The plans haven't changed, and Star Wars: Hunters is still set to launch as a free-to-play title. This means that it should make most of its money from cosmetic microtransactions and extra progress tracks that are separate from the playable content.

So far (regular content updates are planned), Star Wars: Hunters' vibrant and cartoony character roster includes:

  • Diago, a Miraluka sharpshooter
  • Charr, a Trandoshan trapper
  • Sprocket, a Mon Calamari prodigy
  • Sentinel, an Imperial heavy gunner
  • Skora, a Rodian sawbones
  • Grozz, a Wookiee juggernaut
  • Imara Vex, an unrelenting bounty hunter
  • Zaina, a Rebel war hero
  • Rieve, the aforementioned dark side assassin
  • J-3DI, a Jedi droid
  • Utooni, a duo of Jawa scavengers
  • Slingshot, an Ugnaught speedster using a droideka
  • Aran Tal, a Mandalorian vanguard

(Image credit: Lucasfilm/Zynga)

The Star Wars machine is revving up once again, and we couldn't be more excited. On top of Tales of the Empire and The Acolyte on Disney Plus, we're getting the first-ever open-world Star Wars game in Ubisoft Massive's Star Wars Outlaws, which could very well become one of the best Star Wars games of all time. Moreover, we'll have a new movie in cinemas by summer 2026: The Mandalorian & Grogu.

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