Final 'Strange New Worlds' trailer reminds us why it's the best 'Star Trek' on TV

The final trailer for "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" has arrived and it certainly looks like it offers an exciting season of sci-fi ahead. There's a simple reason why this is currently the best entry in the new Trek: Because — so far at least — it's not drowning in nostalgia at the expense of preventing any new ideas from getting noticed. 

That said, the showrunners here have to be mindful of how much they use legacy characters like James Kirk (Paul Wesley), but we'll see how that unfolds over the next 10 episodes. While we're not jumping up and down with excitement at the prospect of even more existing history, characters etc. being written into new stories, this incarnation of "Star Trek" has handled it well. So, we remain optimistic. 

We also get our first glimpse of Ensign Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome) and Ensign Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid) from "Star Trek: Lower Decks" in the crossover that's been teased for some time. Just how this is going to be explained remains to be seen. 

Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike in "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds." (Image credit: Paramount Plus)

The second season airs on Paramount Plus on Thursday, June 15 and the press has already all been given advance screeners. However, the embargo date issued for the first episode reviews is Monday, June 12, so sadly you'll have to dodge spoilers for three days!

Anson Mount returns as the alpha male of the Alpha Quadrant, Captain Christopher Pike, and he will once again be joined by series regulars Mr. Spock (Ethan Peck), Una Chin-Riley (Rebecca Romijn), Dr. M'Benga (Babs Olusanmokun), Nurse Chapel (Jess Bush), La'an Noonien-Singh (Christina Chong), Nyota Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding) and of course Carol Kane, who plays the new Chief Engineer. 

"Strange New Worlds" and every episode of every "Star Trek" show currently streams exclusively on Paramount Plus in the US. Internationally, the shows are available on Paramount Plus in Australia, Latin America, the UK and South Korea, as well as on Pluto TV in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland on the Pluto TV Sci-Fi channel. They also stream exclusively on Paramount Plus in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In Canada, they air on Bell Media's CTV Sci-Fi Channel and stream on Crave.

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