'Star Trek: 'Q and False' and Other Stories' extends the final frontier with new anthology

Star Trek: Q and False and Other Stories
Star Trek: Q and False and Other Stories (Image credit: Titan Books)

With winter's ragged hand descending as we deepen into the holiday season, there's no better way for sci-fi fans to indulge in their favorite franchise than burrowing into an anthology like Titan Books' new "Star Trek: 'Q and False' and Other Stories."

Landing on Dec. 20, 2022 and presented by Star Trek Explorer Magazine, this deluxe-format, 96-page hardcover is fortified with 14 illustrated mini-epics penned by an eclectic assortment of acclaimed "Star Trek" writers. 

Titan's impressive gathering of speculative fiction scribes includes original space-faring tales by "Star Trek: Voyager's" Lisa Klink and best-selling authors James Swallow, Una McCormack, Christopher Cooper, Chris Dows, Peter Holmstrom, and Greg Cox.

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"Star Trek: 'Q and False' and Other Stories":

"Star Trek: 'Q and False' and Other Stories": $19.99 at Amazon

This collection of short fiction spans the entire gamut of the modern "Star Trek" franchise, from "The Next Generation" to "Voyager," and features contributions from many of Trek's finest writers and award-winning authors.

Cover art for "Star Trek: 'Q and False' and Other Stories" (Image credit: Titan Books)

From Captain Kirk discovering the enigmatic Q and a romantic Delta IV reunion between Will Decker and the lovely Ilia, to the Borg's nefarious origins and Captain Archer's first time in the Enterprise captain's chair, "Star Trek: 'Q and False' and Other Stories" showcases adventures spanning the "Star Trek" universe, including "Star Trek: Enterprise," "Star Trek," "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," and "Star Trek: Voyager."

Here's the official list of "Star Trek" short stories contained:


Story: Christopher Cooper

James T. Kirk meets a mysterious figure following the disaster on the Enterprise-B.


Story: Lisa Klink

The crew of the Enterprise-D's commitment to the Prime Directive is challenged.


Story: Una McCormack

Garak has an unexpected encounter aboard Deep Space Nine.


Story: James Swallow

Captain Jonathan Archer has a chance encounter as he prepares for his first voyage in the Enterprise.

Art inside "Star Trek: 'Q and False' and Other Stories." (Image credit: Titan Books)


Story: Greg Cox

Seven of Nine confronts her inner demons.


Story: Christopher Cooper

Q witnesses the genesis of the Federation’s greatest foes.


Story: Lisa Klink

The Voyager crew leap into action to stop a saboteur.


Story: Chris Dows

Doctor Crusher faces a challenging ethical dilemma.


Story: Greg Cox

In a coda to the classic episode “Space Seed,” Khan attacks!


Story: Lisa Klink

An all-new adventure for the Holodeck hero Captain Proton.

Art inside "Star Trek: 'Q and False' and Other Stories." (Image credit: Titan Books)


Story: Chris Dows

Scotty notices something is awry with the Enterprise as he supervises her refit.


Story: Peter Holmstrom

Will Decker and Ilia reunite on Delta IV.


Story: Lisa Klink

A shuttle craft accident leads Beverly Crusher into a fight for survival.


Story: Peter Holmstrom

Geordi La Forge takes his first steps as an officer aboard the Enterprise.

Titan Books' "Star Trek: 'Q and False' and Other Stories" arrives on December 20.

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