'Star Trek Online' Season 32 arrives today, starring Denise Crosby as Romulan baddie Sela

a female space captain in a collage of aliens and a starship
Key art for "Star Trek Online: Unparalleled." (Image credit: Arc Games/Cryptic Studios)

"Star Trek Online" (STO), the free-to-play MMORPG available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, blasts off into its 32nd season today (May 28). 

For this dynamic sci-fi adventure, Arc Games and Cryptic Studios are bringing back a compelling character from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" in the form of an alternative universe version of Sela, a Human-Romulan hybrid played by Denise Crosby.

Crosby will provide vocal work in "Star Trek Online: Unparalleled," where she’ll play Captain Sela of the U.S.S. Enterprise emanating from an unfamiliar parallel dimension. This is a "Star Trek" homecoming of sorts for Crosby, as she previously voiced both "TNG's" Tasha Yar and Sela for "STO" way back in 2013.

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Key art for new "Star Trek Online: Unparalleled" (Image credit: Arc Games/ Cryptic Studios)

"Star Trek Online: Unparalleled" also provides a new story event on top of the continuing  Aetherian and Mirror Borg plotline, an interesting gender/race swap feature and upgraded options to the Infinity Lockbox. 

"Unparalleled" arrives today for PC, and then on June 19 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Check out the official synopsis:

"In 'Star Trek Online: Unparalleled,' the Borg threat to the multiverse continues as the player's Captain discovers a last stand between a new, peaceful alternate universe Iconians and a new type of Borg, infused with a mysterious nanite technology. The player's Captain must work with allies across the universe including Enterprise Captain Sela from this parallel universe and Aetherian ally Captain Grendat-Bex to defend the Iconians against this new Borg threat and their queen."

Another "Unparalleled" extra is a 12-round Task Force Operation called "Borg Battle Royale," showcasing a holodeck simulation of fighting waves of Borg that allows captains to gain experience in small teams fending off increasingly dangerous gangs of Borg foes in all flavors.

And in the special Season 32 event, "Delete Alt Control," gamers can play selected content to score some sweet rewards, like a Dimensional Hypermass Torpedo Launcher, Type 14 Shuttle Support Squadron, 500 Lobi Crystals, 1 Phoenix Epic Prize Token and 30,000 Dilithium Ore.

To download "Star Trek Online" for free, visit www.playstartrekonline.com.

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