An intergalactic treasure hunt unfolds in new 'Alliances: Orphans' graphic novel from the mind of Stan Lee

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Stan Lee, the grand orchestrator of Marvel Comics' House of Ideas and the man who shouted "Excelsior!" to the world to create a superhero empire, sadly passed away in 2018 at the ripe old age of 95. 

But his boundless creativity and imagination live on in countless Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe projects across the entertainment sphere, and now another enterprise is coming to fruition as an ambitious space opera graphic novel that just launched its Kickstarter campaign.

Dynamite Entertainment has announced pre-orders now available for the expansion of Stan Lee's "Alliances Universe" starting with an exclusive prelude comic book, "Traitor's Revenge," and an "Alliances: Orphans" Special Edition Graphic Novel plus many more add-ons and collector's items.

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Cover of "Alliances: Orphans." (Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment)

"Alliances: Orphans" is an all-original, 148-page sci-fi graphic novel spawned from the rare genius of Stan Lee alongside co-creators and co-writers Luke Lieberman and Ryan Silbert, and illustrated by famed artists Bill Sienkiewicz and Syzmon Kudranski.

The "Traitor's Revenge" prelude was one of the initial endeavors forged with Lieberman and Silbert for the dynamic "Alliances Universe" as drawn by the Eisner Award-winning artist Bill Sienkiewicz ("Elektra," "Moon Knight," "New Mutants"). This represents the first first time that "Traitor's Revenge" has been offered up as a limited-edition title to present all the facets of this colorful cosmic world.

Interior art from "Alliances: Orphans." (Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment)

Here's the official synopsis:

"The core Orphans story by Lee, Lieberman ("Red Sonja"), Silbert ("The Coldest Case"), and Szymon Kudranski ("Superman Action Comics," "Spawn," "Punisher") introduces fans to a diverse cast of characters hurtling through a new saga. William Ackerson is a man lost in space on a quest to find the source of his uncanny abilities. 

"He's joined by a crew wherein each member is the last of their kind, with the evil alien Hive having wiped out all their kin. Little Boy is the giant childlike leader of the Orphans. Haze is a caustic creature of pure vapor. Rascal is a self-loathing zealot with dark secrets. Critter is a monster with a puppy-like demeanor. Lastly, the mysterious stowaway Samsi is the fearsome survivor of a civilization that once ruled the galaxy.  

"With the squad assembled, they will journey across the cosmos in a fast-paced treasure hunt. Gravity waves ripple across the galaxy, warping the time and space around the adventurers, and the Orphans must band together as a found family to save reality itself!"

Interior art from "Alliances: Orphans." (Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment)

"When we would discuss cosmic storytelling with Stan, he would often look up, point toward the sky and then, when the idea came to him he would wave his hand like a magician," 'Alliances Universe' co-writers Luke Lieberman and Ryan Silbert explained in a press statement. "Bringing 'Orphans' to life in this new project, and expanding 'Alliances' into the stars, is something we know fans have been anticipating for years. This is that moment."

Add-ons available at "Alliance: Orphans" Kickstarter page. (Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment)

In addition to the standard hardcover edition of "Alliances: Orphans," fans can also pledge on Kickstarter for an exclusive logo-free virgin edition, copies signed jointly by Sienkiewicz, Lieberman, and Silbert, and bonus collectibles like an 11 x 17-inch Sienkiewicz-signed art print, six limited-edition trading cards, POW! Entertainment bobbleheads, and the "Stan Lee Story XXL" hardcover.

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