You can still beam up Paramount Plus and save 50% off a full year for Cyber Monday

Paramount Plus and Showtime Cyber Monday deal
Paramount Plus is offering a 50% discount on their annual plan for Cyber Monday and has a bundle with Showtime available, too. (Image credit: Paramount Plus)

You can still beam up the latest Star Trek and Halo TV series and more for a deep discount on Paramount Plus this Cyber Monday.

Paramount Plus is offering a 50% discount on its two streaming plans, allowing you to warp speed through your favorite sci-fi and science shows for less if you commit to an annual plan up front. Paramount originally said this deal would end on Nov. 27, but it has been extended through Cyber Monday. 

You can nab a year's worth of streaming on Paramount Plus for as low as $24.99 a year or about $2 a month, if you don't mind a few ads interrupting you from time to time. But even the ad-free Premium tier is half off, at an impressive $49.99 a year or just over $4 a month. You can also save 50% on Paramount Plus + Showtime bundle for Cyber Monday, which is normally $11.99 a month, with special pricing through Jan. 2 when subscribing for a full year.

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One year of Paramount Pluswas $49.99/year

One year of Paramount Plus - was $49.99/year now $24.99/year.

Paramount is offering 50% off its two plan levels, allowing you to get a deep discount whether you choose ads or not. The Essential plan is now $24.99, or if you want uninterrupted streaming you can go for the Premium plan for just $49.99.

One year of Paramount Plus + Showtime (Essential)was up to $144/year

One year of Paramount Plus + Showtime (Essential) - was up to $144/year now $72/year.

Paramount is offering 50% off a bundle with Showtime, normally $11.99/month or $119/year, allowing you to get a deep discount whether you choose ads or not. For Premium, it is $14.99/month or $149.99 a year.

Star Trek alone would fill your time for the year, as Paramount Plus offers every franchise film and movie from the 1960s onwards: that's more than 860 episodes and 40 seasons to enjoy. You can also dive into diverse universes like Futurama, Twin Peaks, and reimagined episodes of The Twilight Zone, or incredible sci-fi space movies like Galaxy Quest (1999) or Arrival (2016).

As a bonus, most of the shows we've mentioned already are kid-friendly. But if you prefer something centered on even younger children, check out Star Trek: Prodigy or for your preschooler, science-friendly content in Bubble Guppies or Blue's Clues.

Documentaries are also abundant on the channel, as Paramount Plus (which boasts more than 8 million subscribers) includes the Smithsonian Channel, not to mention a clutch of hit channels like Nickelodeon, Comedy Central. There's even a live stream to CBS available to catch up on new episodes of Young Sheldon, the prequel to the popular (and prolific) 12-season Big Bang Theory that you can also stream in full on Paramount Plus.

The Cyber Monday Paramount Plus deal is targeted at new subscribers, but if you used to subscribe to the streaming service and decided to let your subscription go, you will still qualify if you have not used Paramount Plus for the past month.

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