'Love, Death + Robots' and 'Avenue 5' will return for new seasons

Arguably one of the very best original creations to come out of the Netflix streaming studio, "Love, Death + Robots" has been given the green light for a fourth season.

Each season is a collection of short stories, ranging from eight minutes to 18 minutes, and each episode is a different style of animation with the occasional live action one thrown in. They usually incorporate technology and/or robots in the plot and often take place in a dystopian future. Many episodes focus on themes related to space exploration and spaceflight.

Netflix made the announcement via Twitter, writing that "Volume IV is a GO!" This is the best original sci-fi series Netflix has produced since "Lost in Space." Each story is totally different and while some follow a familiar theme, or perhaps feature some ideas seen before, every episode has a totally unique twist. Some are dark and disturbing, while others exhibit a very dark, but hilarious, sense of humor and every installment is creative, well written and beautifully produced. The first season contains 18 episodes, the second just eight and the third has nine, and quite often there are very subtle nods to well known sci-fi franchises, including "The Terminator" and "Aliens." It captures your imagination and never lets go.

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In other sci-fi news, creator of HBO's space travel comedy "Avenue 5" Armando Iannucci confirmed on Twitter that season 2 of the underrated show will soon be coming to HBO writing, "Done! Season 2 of #Avenue5 is complete. Coming to @HBO soon."

The series is set on a luxury space cruiser called the Avenue 5 while it makes an eight-week flight around Saturn. Everything looks "OK-to-go" at first, but when the ship unexpectedly develops technical difficulties, it's up to Capt. Ryan Clark (Hugh Laurie) and his crew to calm the upset passengers and find a way to deal with the unfortunate events unfolding on board.

Season 2 of the space-based side-splitter was confirmed all the way back in February 2020, but the show has suffered more than its share of bad luck; first, Variety reported that a major fire all but destroyed the studio sets in Watford, England before the last two episodes of the first season were shot. The COVID pandemic caused additional delays.

Even worse, Deadline reports that the show will more than likely be ending after this second season writing, "Given the time that has passed, the options on the cast, led by Hugh Laurie, came up, and the actors were released ... Some of them have moved on, signing as series regulars on new shows."

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