Space Station Photos: Expedition 50 Astronauts in Action

Yum and Fun


NASA's Peggy Whitson and Robert Kimbrough enjoy the new arrival of fruit from the HTV-6 cargo craft in early December 2016.

Awaiting the Craft


Expedition 50 crewmembers Thomas Pesquet and Shane Kimbrough work in the Cupola module, docking the HTV-6 robotically.

What Big Eyes You Have


NASA's Shane Kimbrough prepares for planned spacewalks with a virtual reality headset.

Bringing Home the Cargo


Inside the Harmony module of the International Space Station, ESA's Thomas Pesquet prepares to open the Japanese HTV-6 cargo craft. After a four-day journey from Souther Japan the craft brought water, spare parts and other supplies to the ISS.

Getting the Goods


NASA's Peggy Whitson opens the Harmony module hatchway to the HTV-6. The cargo craft was launched from the Tanegashima Space Center on Dec. 9, 2016 for its four-day trip to the ISS.

Who's in Control Here?


NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson floats among tangled cables inside the Columbus module on the International Space Station.

Time-Saving Tech


NASA's Shane Kimbrough holds the ISS Robotic External Ammonia Leak Locator which was created to find external leaks on the ISS. This technology will reduce time and risk for crewmembers associated with these repairs.

A Portal to Space


ESA's Thomas Pesquet hovers inside the Japanese Experiment Module near the airlock used to pass items into space.

Group Training


Three Expedition 50 crewmembers at task for robotics training inside the Cupoloa. The trio reviews grappling procedures for the Japancese HTV-6 cargo craft.

Space Veggies


NASA's Shane Kimbrough works at the Veggie system, a deployable plant growth unit aboard the ISS. The unit not only provides fresh salad-type crops but also gives the crew opportunity for relaxation and recreation.

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