'Spaceborne': Astronaut Don Pettit's Amazing Space Photos (Gallery)

Beauty in Space

Don Pettit/NASA/PSG

NASA astronaut Don Pettit took photos of many cosmic events while on his three space flights. From star trails and terrestrial lights to airglow and auroras, he captured his moments in space with skill and beauty. In his new book "Spaceborne" (Press Syndication Group, 2016) Pettit reveals the extraordinary orbital perspective.

Here Earth plays a gorgeous backdrop to a low-angled arm of the International Space Station.

Eerie yet Fantastic

Don Pettit/NASA/PSG

During one of his stays on the ISS, NASA astronaut Don Pettit captured this stunning image of an aurora, green and vibrant.

Unearthly Glow From Earth

Don Pettit/NASA/PSG

Vivid colors emanate from Earth and its atmosphere in this image collected by NASA astronaut Don Pettit from the unique viewpoint of the International Space Station.

Home Away From Home

Don Pettit/NASA/PSG

Sections of the ISS take front and center in this stunning image including the red and green of Earth's auroras and airglow.

To the Sea

Don Pettit/NASA/PSG

While on the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Don Pettit passed the time by capturing images like this of the Betisboka River and its tributaries and neighboring rivers flowing to the sea in Madagascar

Awesome Beauty

Don Pettit/NASA/PSG

Comet Lovejoy points to the green sheen of airglow in Earth's atmosphere and the purple points of electricity across Earth's surface.

Dueling Dragons

Don Pettit/NASA/PSG

With Earth and its lights and airglow in the background, two "dragons" duel as a spacecraft prepares to dock at the ISS.

Light Abounds

Don Pettit/NASA/PSG

From the ISS, Florida's silhouette shines with the power of millions of homes, businesses, street lights and more.

Nature's Creativity

Don Pettit/NASA/PSG

An infrared image of the Ganges Delta shines an interesting perspective on rivers and land from the unique view of the ISS.

Unknown source

Don Pettit/NASA/PSG

A strange gleam returns to the ISS from an unknown source along this peninsula and coastal delta.

Bringing Lifesou

Don Pettit/NASA/PSG

NASA astronaut Don Pettit's images of Earth from the ISS offer unique and awe-inspiring views of our home. The Mississippi river spans wide across the land in this black and white image.

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