The Subaru Telescope Atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii: A Photo Tour

Cosmic Window

Nola Taylor Redd

The eyepiece (bottom) of the massive Subaru telescope.

Carting Instruments Around

Nola Taylor Redd

The custom-built cart that moves along a track to change out the instruments on the bottom of the Subaru telescope.

Secondary Mirror

Nola Taylor Redd

Subaru's secondary mirror (the dome above it is closed).

Dust Protection

Nola Taylor Redd

Enormous vents throughout the building keep the temperature the same while barring dust, debris, and fast-blowing winds.

The Dome Door

Nola Taylor Redd

The door to the dome: how Subaru peers out at the heavens above.

Making Tracks

Nola Taylor Redd

Tracks in the floor leading to the large silver doors of the instrument storage rooms.

Instrument Swap Demo

Nola Taylor Redd

Nemanja "Nem" Jovanovic demonstrates how the crane changes out the instruments.

Telescope Selfie!

Nola Taylor Redd contributor Nola Taylor Redd couldn't resist taking this epic selfie in the mirror of one of Subaru's instruments.

Mirror View

Nola Taylor Redd

An image of the instrument mirror.

Telescope Controls

Nola Taylor Redd

The control console looks like a throwback to the '70s, but Jovanovic said similar machines are common in telescopes around the world.

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