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Best Night Sky Events of August 2015 (Stargazing Maps)

Mercury, August 2015

Mercury is visible low in the western sky after sunset for most of the month, This apparition is more favorable for observers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Venus, August 2015

Venus moves from the evening to the morning sky on the 15th, but will be hard to observe for northern observers because of its closeness to the sun. Southern observers will have an easier time, and on the 15th may actually be able to observe Venus as a morning star in the east and an evening star in the west.

Mars, August 2015

Mars reappears in dawn twilight after its conjunction with the sun on June 14.

Jupiter, August 2015

Jupiter is too close to the sun to observe this month.

Saturn, August 2015

Saturn is well placed in Libra in the evening sky.

Uranus, August 2015

Uranus rises in the late evening in Pisces.

Neptune, August 2015

Neptune rises in the mid-evening in the constellation Aquarius.

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