Best Space Photos of the Week — April 12, 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse Photos for April 4, 2015

Tyler Leavitt

The total lunar eclipse of April 4, 2015 dominates this stunning photo by veteran astrophotographer Tyler Leavitt in Las Vegas, Nevada. Leavitt captured the eclipse with the Stratosphere hotel and casino.[Read the Full Story]

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Total Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015 Near Totality

Griffith Observatory

Only a sliver of the moon remains at about 7 am PT during the total lunar eclipse of April 4, 2015 in this view webcast from the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California. [Read the Full Story]

A Cosmic Garden: Stunning Blooms Captured in Skywatcher Photo

Terry Hancock

A sky photographer captured a stunning panoramic view of a region of sky in the Auriga constellation, featuring a number of blooming cosmic objects. [Read the Full Story]

The Milky Way Over Loon Island: A Stargazer's Stunning View (Photo)

A. Garrett Evans

This stunning panoramic of the Milky Way shows our host galaxy arching over Lake Sunapee. Astrophotographer A. Garrett Evans took the image Loon Island Lighthouse on Lake Sunapee in Sunapee, New Hampshire on Feb. 28, 2015. [Read the Full Story]

NASA World Map Shows Where Lightning Strikes Most


By now, we hope, you've abandoned that old folk myth that lightning never strikes twice. (In fact, a 1997 study found that lighting flashes strike multiple spots simultaneously about a third of the time, and that your chances of being struck are about 45 percent higher than the number of flashes would seem to indicate). [Read the Full Story]

Zodiacal Light and Meteors Light Up the Night (Photo)

Photographer Jeffrey Berkes

The ghostly zodiacal light offers an ethereal glow to this stunning night sky scene peppered by meteors as seen by a veteran night sky photographer during a trip to Florida. Photographer Jeffrey Berkes captured this striking night sky view while visiting the Florida Keys in 2012 and recently shared it with [Read the Full Story]

This Cosmic Ring Photo Is the One to Rule Them All


An image of a distant galaxy warped by gravity look like the “One Ring” in space. [Read the Full Story]

Awesome Sci-Fi Short 'Leviathan' to Become Full-Length Feature: Report

@Ruair Robinson/Twitter

The “Leviathan” proof of concept video, featuring amazing space whales that swim through clouds, has been greenlit to become a feature film, with a great team of people involved. [Read the Full Story]

NASA Astronaut Is Photographing Every Baseball Stadium from Space

Terry W. Virts (via Twitter as @AstroTerry)

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station has made a game of photographing every Major League Baseball stadium from orbit — and he wants you to play along. [Read the Full Story]

Fishing for Space Junk: New Nets Capture Old Satellites (Video)


ESA engineers recently tested a set of fishing nets in zero gravity conditions for possible space junk extraction. [Read the Full Story]

Apollo 13 Custom LEGO Minifigures Mark Mission's 45th Anniversary via

Launched in time for the start of the historic mission's 45th anniversary, UK-based has introduced a new set of four minifigures replicating the Apollo 13 crew and their flight director. [Read the Full Story]

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