Amazing Auroras: Breathtaking Northern Lights Photos of 2015

Aurora Over Bend, Oregon

Jason Brownlee/

Astrophotographer Jason Brownlee sent in an 8-shot panorama of the aurora borealis in the eastern and western sky arcing like a rainbow in Bend, Oregon, taken on March 17, 2015. Read the Full Story of the St. Patrick's Day Auroras.

Green Aurora Seen from Space, March 17, 2015

Terry W. Virts (via Twitter as @AstroTerry)

NASA astronaut Terry Virts tweeted this photo of a green aurora taken on the International Space Station on March 17, 2015. Read the Full Story of the St. Patrick's Day Auroras.

Aurora Near Moscow, March 17, 2015

Aleksey Kirillov

Astrophotographer Aleksey Kirillov sent in a photo of an aurora taken March 17, 2015, in the Kaluga region of Russia, about 62 miles (100 km) from Moscow. Read the Full Story of the St. Patrick's Day Auroras.

Aurora Over Lake Superior

Matthew Moses/Moses Images

Astrophotographer Matthew Moses sent in a photo of an aurora taken on March 17, 2015, from the shore of Lake Superior on Wisconsin Point, just outside Superior, Wisconsin. Read the Full Story of the St. Patrick's Day Auroras.

Aurora Over Croatia, March 17, 2015

Boris Štromar

Astrophotographer Boris Štromar sent in a photo of an aurora taken atop Medvednica mountain near Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, on March 17, 2015. He reports in an email message to that the aurora was only seen on photos, not visually.

Aurora Over Duluth, Minnesota, March 17, 2015

David Fogarty

Astrophotographer David Fogarty sent in a photo of an aurora over Duluth, Minnesota, on March 17, 2015.

Slooh Aurora in Iceland

Slooh Community Observatory

Slooh Community Observatory representatives were amazed by the aurora display in Iceland on March 17, 2015. The light show was produced by a severe geomagnetic storm hitting Earth that day.

Slooh Aurora View

Juan Carlos Casado, SLOOH/IAC Expedition

This spectacular photo of the northern lights over Iceland was captured by photographer Juan Carlos Casado with the online observatory Slooh/IAC Expedition.

Aurora Over Kiruna, Sweden

Mia Stålnacke

Astrophotographer Mia Stålnacke contributed an undated photo of an auroral display over Kiruna, Sweden.

Aurora Over Yellowknife, Canada, Jan. 27, 2015


Canada's automated aurora camera tweeted this photo, writing: "AURORAMAX GALLERY • Latest photo of #aurora borealis above #Yellowknife NWT taken at 01:02 MST on Jan 27, 2015."

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