Best Space Photos of the Week — Feb. 22, 2015

Mysterious Plumes on Mars Have Scientists Stumped

Grupo Ciencias Planetarias (GCP) - UPV/EHU

A new paper in the journal Nature explores mysterious plumes of gas that can be seen erupting from the surface of mars. The plumes are unlike anything observed on the Red Planet before. [Read the Full Story]

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Russian Supply Ship Makes 6-Hour Delivery Trip to Space Station

ESA/Sam Cristoforetti (@AstroSamantha)

Russia’s Progress 58 cargo craft arrived at the International Space Station today (Feb. 17), capping off a busy week of comings and goings at the orbiting lab. [Read the Full Story]

Mysterious Bright Spots Shine on Dwarf Planet Ceres


New photos of the dwarf planet Ceres from NASA’s Dawn spacecraft show craters and mysterious white spots. [Read the Full Story]

Galaxy Merger Caught in Stunning Hubble Telescope Photo, Video


Video/photo story showing images the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured of the interaction between two galaxies. [Read the Full Story]

NASA Spacecraft Spies 2 Tiny Moons of Pluto

NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Southwest Research Institute

A NASA spacecraft speeding toward an epic flyby of Pluto on July 14 has beamed home its first good looks at two moons of the dwarf planet. [Read the Full Story]

Europe's Last ATV Space Station Freighter Makes Fleet's Final Re-Entry

NASA/Terry Virts

In the end, Europe's fifth and final space station freighter went out in more of a fiery blaze than with the "big bang" of its namesake. [Read the Full Story]

Ripley's Debuts Space Station Made of 280,000 Matchsticks, Believe It or Not Z. Pearlman

When astronauts describe what they used to assemble the International Space Station, they refer to docking ports, large metal bolts and miles of cabling. [Read the Full Story]

LHC Ready to Hunt Down Mystery Dark Matter Particles

Maximilen Brice/CERN

An upgraded, more powerful Large Hadron Collider, slated to begin returning to service next month, should open the door to new realms of physics, including possibly a glimpse of so-called "dark matter" particles, which, along with an equally mysterious dark energy force, dominates the universe. [Read the Full Story]

Cluster Filled with Dark Matter May House 'Failed Galaxies'

Jim Misti (Misti Mountain Observatory)

A strange set of 48 galaxies appears to be rich in dark matter and lacking in stars, suggesting that they may be so-called "failed" galaxies, a new study reports. [Read the Full Story]

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