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See 'Interstellar' in Theaters Again Saturday

A Black Hole Looms in 'Interstellar'
This image from "Interstellar" shows a spaceship above an alien planet with a black hole looming in the background. (Image credit: Paramount Pictures)

Did you miss out on seeing the space thriller "Interstellar" in IMAX last year? Do you just want to see it in all its glory again? Space fans in select cities will get the chance to check out Christopher Nolan's space exploration spectacle in theaters again on Feb. 21.

"Interstellar" fans that go see the movie on the big screen this weekend will also be treated to 12 never-before-seen minutes of footage at the end of the film, according to an AMC Theaters announcement. Moviegoers will also get second, free ticket when they purchase one at the box office of a theater showing the re-released film, AMC representatives added. Check out AMC Theater's website to find out which theaters are playing "Interstellar" on Feb. 21.

The film "Interstellar" (set in the not-too-distant future) follows the lives of a crew of astronauts traveling to far corners of the cosmos to try to save humanity from ruin on Earth. The movie features an amazing rendering of a black hole and some gorgeous shots of futuristic space technology flying through the solar system and beyond.

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