Stunning Night Sky Photos by Stargazers for November 2014

Taurus Meteor Fireball

Larry Norris

The sky is a wonderland of amazing sights. HERE: Astrophotographer Larry Norris of Graford, Texas, sent in a night sky photo he took for a class entitled "Full Moon Landscapes." He reports that at least 3 meteors are visible in the shot. Image submitted Nov. 8, 2014.

See amazing photos of the night sky (and some sun views) from November 2014 as seen by readers in this gallery.

Train Tracks Uncovered Under Night Sky

Chris Bakley/

On the beach at Cape May, NJ, astrophotographer Chris Bakley caught the unexpected sight of train tracks that had been uncovered by a storm, beneath the night sky. Image submitted Nov. 10, 2014.

Meteor Over the Grand Canyon

BG Boyd/

Astrophotographer BG Boyd sent in a photo of a meteor streaking over the Grand Canyon in Arizona, as seen from the south rim. Image submitted Nov. 11, 2014.

Sunspot AR 2129 Seen in Delhi, India

Harald (from Germany)

A reader going by the name of Harald sent in a photo of sunspot AR 2129. Harald reports that the extreme air pollution makes occasional naked-eye viewing of the sun possible. He took the shot with a "regular" Canon digital camera.

Moon and Aldebaran Seen in Dublin, Ireland

Anthony Lynch

Astrophotographer Anthony Lynch sent in a photo of the moon and star Aldebaran, which lies about 65 light years away in the constellation Taurus. Image taken in Dublin, Ireland, and submitted on Nov. 9, 2014.

Star Trails Over Arizona's Wave Rock Formation

Gavin Heffernan & Harun Mehmedinović

Astrophotographer Gavin Heffernan and his shooting partner Harun Mehmedinovic created this timelapse image of star trails over Arizona’s Wave rock formation, for a video commissioned by BBC Earth. Image submitted Nov. 17, 2014.

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