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Mystery 'Astronaut' Sighting on UK Beach Solved (Video)

It's not every day you see someone in an astronaut spacesuit randomly walking on the beach. But apparently that's what Kent beachgoers in the United Kingdom found during a jaunt to Margate Beach last weekend, as Yahoo Screen explains in the video above.

According to Yahoo Screen's Broken News Daily, the mystery astronaut was not a lost space traveler, but actually Sam Way, a British model, actor and singer, who was out taking a stroll on the beach in a spacesuit to record a music video for the song "TV Dinner" by the band Elephant. Photos of Way in his astronaut garb sparked major Internet buzz over the weekend, with Way ultimately clearing it up on Twitter, where he posts as @IAmSamWay.

"Spaceman. The man in the suit is me," Way wrote on Monday (Sept. 29). "It's gone viral." But Way apparently did try to warn his fans of his impending spacesuit caper. On Saturday (Sept. 27), he posted a photo of himself wearing a spacesuit helmet with a simple message:

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