Best Space Photos of the Week - July 19, 2014

Comet Resembles 'Rubber Ducky' in European Spacecraft Views (Photos, Video)


The comet being chased down by a European probe looks a bit like a child's bath toy, new images from the spacecraft reveal.

Take That, Jupiter! Planet's Great Comet Crash of 1994 Recalled


Twenty years ago this week, humans for the first time witnessed a collision between two bodies in the solar system. [Read the full story here.]

Zap! Laser Sparks Fly on Mars in Curiosity Rover Video

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover used the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) camera on its arm to catch the first images of sparks produced by the rover's laser being shot at a rock on Mars.

NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars has set off some fireworks on the Red Planet with the zap-zap-zap of its high-tech space laser. [See the video here.]

Private US Cargo Ship Blasts Off on Space Station Delivery

NASA/Bill Ingalls

A private spaceship packed with astronaut food, science experiments and a fleet of tiny satellites soared into orbit from Virginia's Eastern Shore today (July 13) on an orbital delivery mission to the International Space Station for NASA. [See the video here.]

New Mars Map Is the Best Ever Made (Image, Video)


The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has released the most thorough map of the Martian surface to date. [See the video here.]

Experimental Space Plane Designs Wanted by US Military


The U.S. military is moving ahead in its plan to develop a robotic space plane capable of launching payloads to orbit cheaply and efficiently. [See the video here.]

SpaceX Reusable Rocket Test Returns Booster to Earth, then 'Kaboom'


The commercial spaceflight company SpaceX returned part of its Falcon 9 rocket back to Earth after a successful satellite launch Monday (July 14) in a reusability test that did not go entirely as planned after the booster splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean. [Read the full story here.]

Huge Meteorite on Mars Discovered by NASA's Curiosity Rover


Talk about a speed bump. NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has discovered its first meteorite on the Red Planet, and it's no puny space rock. [Read the full story here.]

Private Cygnus Spaceship Delivers NASA Cargo to Space Station


A commercial cargo ship built by Orbital Sciences Corporation arrived at the International Space Station on Wednesday (July 16) to deliver fresh food, supplies and other vital gear for NASA. [Read the full story here.]

Gullies on Mars Carved by Dry Ice, Not Water

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona

Running water didn't create the channels that crisscross the surface of the Red Planet, a new study suggests. [Read the full story here.]

Moon Boot-Styled Sneakers Celebrate GE's Role in Apollo 11 Lunar Landing


General Electric is taking a "small step" into sneaker design to commemorate the role — or rather, sole — it had in mankind's first "giant leap" on the moon. [Read the full story here.]

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