Springtime Auroras Dance in Vermont Night Sky (Photo)
Astrophotographer Brian Drourr took this amazing photo of the northern lights on June 8, 2014 from Champlain Valley, Vermont.
Credit: Brian Drourr | Brian Drourr Photography

This gorgeous image of a springtime aurora was captured in northern Vermont.

Astrophotographer Brian Drourr took this image on June 8, 2014 from Champlain Valley, Vermont. Drourr was attempting to take an image of the foreground, what he thought was a pack of horses.

"I thought I was sneaking up on real horses only to find these amazing sculptures in this field. (You) just never know what you’re going to find roaming the back roads of VT at night aurora hunting," Drourr wrote in an email to Space.com. [Amazing Auroras of 2014 (Photos)]

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  • Yes! I'll never forget Earth's dancing northern lights displays.
  • Not Sure - I've seen some strange lights in the sky that may have been auroras.
  • No - Seeing the dazzling auroras of Earth is my lifetime to-do list.
Auroras occur when charged particles from the sun's solar wind interact with Earth's upper atmosphere (at altitudes above 50 miles, or 80 km), causing a glow. The particles are funneled to Earth's polar regions by the planet's magnetic field. The auroras over the North Pole are known as the aurora borealis, or northern lights. The lights over the South Pole are dubbed the aurora australis, or southern lights.

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