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Spectacular Night Sky Photos for April 2014 (Stargazing Gallery)

Mars, Spica and Corvus Over Colorado

Photography by Daniel McVey

Astrophotographer Daniel McVey sent a photo taken at Fremont Pass in Colorado which includes Mars, Spica, and bright constellation Corvus. Image submitted March 26, 2014. Mars shines as the brightest spot just above the mountains at center left. Spica lies lower to the right of Mars. The stars of Corvus shine above the foreground tree second from right.

Milky Way Over Texas

Nathan Kozuch

Astrophotographer Nathan Kozuch sent in a photo of the Milky Way rising taken in a location about 2 hours' drive east of El Paso, Texas. Image obtained March 28, 2014.

Crescent Moon and Venus Over Slingerlands, NY

Louis Suarato

Astrophotographer Louis Suarato sent in a photo of the crescent moon and Venus over Slingerlands, NY, taken March 27, 2014.

Moonlit La Palma Landscape

Erwin Matys

Astrophotographer Erwin Matys sent in a photo of a moonlit landscape of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain, taken March 9, 2014.

Aurora Over Yellowknife, Canada, March 29, 2014


Canada's automated aurora camera tweeted this photo, writing: "AURORAMAX GALLERY • Latest #photo of #aurora borealis above #Yellowknife NWT taken at 03:29 MDT on March 29, 2014.”

Moon Shines with Earthshine Over Citadel by Giuseppe Petricca

Giuseppe Petricca

Giuseppe Petricca sent this image of the moon over a citadel near the Arno River, in Pisa, Italy on March 3, 2014. Posted April 24. [Read the Full Story Behind This Photo,]

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