Best Space Photos of the Week - June 7, 2013

Never-Before-Seen Alien Planet Imaged Directly in New Photo

ESO/J. Rameau

ESO’s Very Large Telescope discovered a new planet circling a distant star. [Full Story]

Russian Rocket Launches New Communications Satellite


A Russian Proton rocket blasted off June 3 from Kazakhstan carrying the new SES 6 communications satellite. [Full Story]

Hubble Telescope Spies Huge Explosion on Faraway Star

NASA, ESA, A. Crotts, J. Sokoloski, and H. Uthas (Columbia University), and S. Lawrence (Hofstra University)

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has provided a rare look at the structure of an exploding star. [Full Story]

'Cat's Paw Nebula' Bursting with New Star Growth

S. Willis (CfA+ISU); ESA/Herschel; NASA/JPL-Caltech/ Spitzer; CTIO/NOAO/AURA/NSF.

A region of the Milky Way might deserve the title "starburst" thanks to new research investigating the Cat's Paw Nebula. [Full Story]

New Satellite Image Shows Moore Tornado Scar

NASA Earth Observatory image created by Robert Simmon, using data provided courtesy of NASA/GSFC/METI/ERSDAC/JAROS, and the U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team

A new satellite image shows the full scale destruction of the Moore, Okla. tornado, with the trail of damage the tornado left visible as a scar across the landscape. [Full Story]

'Albert Einstein' in Space: Europe Launches Cargo Spacecraft Named for Scientist


The European Space Agency launched the “Albert Einstein” Automated Transfer Vehicle-4 Cargo Ship to the International we Space Station today at 5:52 p.m. EDT). [Full Story]

Curiosity Rover Leaving 'Mars Rat' Behind


NASA's Mars rover Curiosity will apparently perform no follow-up studies of a Red Planet rock that resembles a rodent, dealing a blow to the nascent field of Martian mammalogy. [Full Story]

Milky Way's 'Flyover Country' Mapped

NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Wisconsin

By pointing a powerful NASA space telescope away from our galaxy's star-studded core, astronomers are mapping the Milky Way's more sparsely populated outer fringes. [Full Story]

Amazing Night Sky Photos by Stargazers (June 2013)

Jason Brownlee

See eye-popping photos of the night sky by submitted by readers in June 2013. [See more photos]

Ouch! Galaxy Cuts Like a Knife in Stunning Image

Terry Hancock

The Knife Edge Galaxy slices through deep space in this spectacular night sky photo. [Full Story]

Orion Shines Over Green Mustard Fields in India

Ajay Talwar / The World at Night

The stars of Orion dazzle over green mustard fields in India in this beautiful night sky photo. [Full Story]

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