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Photos: Air Force's 2nd Secretive X-37B Space Plane Flight

Aft and Mid APAS X-37B Configurations


These designs from a Boeing study show configuration for a crewed space plane (X-37C) derived from the unmanned X-37B spacecraft. The designs could carry up to six astronauts to low-Earth orbit and include autonomous and piloted flight capabilities.

X-37B Size Comparison


This size chart shows how the Boeing-built X-37B robot space plane compares to NASA's space shuttle, a larger version of the spacecraft called the X-37C and an Atlas 5 rocket.

X-37B Derivatives


This Boeing graphic depicts the steady evolution of the robotic X-37B space plane design into a larger vehicle that could potentially carry astronauts. The process incrementally retires risk as capabilities increase, according to Boeing officials.

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