MAVEN - NASA Mars Mission - News, Photos, Video

NASA's MAVEN mission is expected to investigate the mystery of how ancient Mars went from being a wet world to the cold, dry desert it is now. The MAVEN (short for Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) probe will investigate the Red Planet's thin atmosphere, searching for signs of how the planet became what it is today. See the latest MAVEN news, photos and video here.
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Big Space Missions to Watch in 2014
Rosetta Spacecraft Artist Impression
December 31st, 2013
From a new rover on the moon, to the most powerful digital camera ever built, space will be buzzing with human activities in 2014.
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Mars Probes from US and India Arrive at Red Planet This Month
Artist's impression of NASA's MAVEN mission
September 9th, 2014
Two spacecraft on their way to Mars are performing well as they close in on the Red Planet this month.
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How NASA's MAVEN Probe Will Investigate Mars Atmosphere Mystery
Artist's Concept MAVEN in Orbit around Red Planet
February 20th, 2014
Mars' upper atmosphere is swarming with atoms, ions and molecules actively exiting the planet's sphere of influence. That's why NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) spacecraft is headed there: to discover why.
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5 Most Amazing Spaceflight Feats of 2013
SpaceShipTwo's Rocket Engine in Flight
December 29th, 2013
Space feats reached internationally and into interplanetary space in 2013, with milestones stretching from Earth to Mars.
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Mars-Bound Probes Built by India and NASA Are Nearing the Red Planet
Artist's Concept of MAVEN in Orbit
August 8th, 2014
Two Mars-bound spacecraft are both in excellent health ahead of their September arrivals in orbit around the Red Planet, managers for both missions report.
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NASA's New Mars Probe Could Help Set Stage for Manned Missions
Astronauts on a future NASA mission to Mars.
November 19th, 2013
The NASA missions of today are paving the way toward launching a manned mission to Mars by the 2030s, space agency officials said today (Nov. 17).
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