MAVEN - NASA Mars Mission - News, Photos, Video

NASA's MAVEN mission is expected to investigate the mystery of how ancient Mars went from being a wet world to the cold, dry desert it is now. The MAVEN (short for Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) probe will investigate the Red Planet's thin atmosphere, searching for signs of how the planet became what it is today. See the latest MAVEN news, photos and video here.
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NASA Spacecraft at Mars Survive Close Encounter with Comet
Comet Siding Spring Seen at Siding Spring Observatory
October 20th, 2014
Three spacecraft at Mars survived a close brush with a comet that buzzed by the Red Planet Sunday (Oct. 19), while scientists on Earth captured some amazing images of the comet's close pass.
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India's First Mission to Mars Set to Arrive at Red Planet
This image depicts the journey of India's Mars Orbiter Mission, the country's first interplanetary mission. The Indian Mars orbiter will arrive at the Red Planet on Wednesday, Sept. 24, India Standard Time (late Tuesday, Sept. 23, U.S. Eastern Time).
September 22nd, 2014
The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) should finish its 24-minute orbit-insertion burn at 10:11 p.m. EDT Tuesday. Confirmation of the success (or failure) of this crucial maneuver should come to ground control minutes later, mission officials have said.
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Comet Siding Spring's Rare Mars Flyby: Full Coverage
Comet Siding Spring 2
October 19th, 2014
A comet is due to make a close flyby of Mars Sunday (Oct. 19), allowing scientists an unprecedented look at the comet as it flies by the Red Planet.
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US, India to Team Up on Mars Exploration
Mars Image Captured by India's Mars Orbiter Mission Probe
October 1st, 2014
NASA and the Indian Space Research Organisation will investigate ways to collaborate on future Mars missions, officials said Tuesday. The two agencies also laid out their roles on the NISAR Earth-observation mission, which is due to launch in 2020.
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NASA Hails Mars Probe's 'Flawless' Arrival at Red Planet
NASA Celebrates MAVEN Probe's Mars Arrival
September 22nd, 2014
The MAVEN spacecraft executed a picture-perfect orbital insertion burn late Sunday night (Sept. 21), slowing down enough to get captured by Mars' gravity in a Red Planet arrival that had mission team members cheering with excitement and relief.
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How to Get to Mars: NASA and India Face Big Tests at Red Planet
NASA's Mars Maven in Orbit
September 20th, 2014
After streaking through space at mind-numbing speeds for 10 months, NASA's MAVEN probe and India's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) spacecraft will have to slam on the brakes if they hope to be captured into orbit Sunday and Tuesday.
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Comet Flies By Mars Today in Rare Encounter: Watch It Online
Spacecraft 'Hiding' Behind Mars
October 19th, 2014
A comet from the outer reaches of the solar system is due to give Mars a close shave on Sunday (Oct. 19), and you can watch the flyby live online.
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NASA's New Mars Probe Snaps 1st Red Planet Images
First Images of Mars by NASA's MAVEN Probe
September 25th, 2014
MAVEN sent home its first images of Mars' upper atmosphere early Monday morning (Sept. 22), just eight hours after entering orbit around the Red Planet.
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