Earth's Moon: Formation, Composition and Orbit

Scientists say a giant impact knocked off the raw ingredients for the moon off the primitive molten Earth and into orbit.
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Lunar Eclipse Facts: 5 Neat Things About Tonight's 'Blood Moon'
Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon
April 14th, 2014
The first total lunar eclipse of 2014 will occur overnight tonight, marking the start of an eclipse tetrad — four back-to-back total lunar eclipses — that will happen over the next 18 months.
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Lights Out: Total Lunar Eclipse Leaves NASA Moon Probe in the Dark
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Artist's Conception
April 9th, 2014
The batteries that power NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter need sunlight to recharge, and the probe will fly in darkness for long periods during the total lunar eclipse, which will be visible throughout the Western Hemisphere on April 14 and 15.
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See the Moon Meet Jupiter in Sunday Night Sky: Where to Look
Jupiter will shine near the moon the night of Sunday, April 6, 2014. This sky map shows the location of Jupiter and the moon in the southwestern sky at 11 p.m. local time, as viewed from mid-northern latitudes.
April 5th, 2014
Step outside Sunday (April 6) evening to see a rendezvous of two of the brightest objects in the night sky: the moon and the planet Jupiter.
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Capturing the 2000 Lunar Eclipse from 'Hell on Ice'
Composite images of Jan 2000 lunar eclipse
April 12th, 2014
Despite frozen shutters and cracking film, Victor Rogus captured the 2000 lunar eclipse.
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Total Lunar Eclipse Will Darken the Moon Next Week
Total Lunar Eclipse of June 2011
April 8th, 2014
This spectacle of celestial shadows will be the first of two total lunar eclipses that North America will be able to observe in 2014. Unlike an eclipse of the sun, an eclipse of the moon presents no hazards to the viewer. No precautions to protect the eye
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NASA Targets Moons of Mars for Potential Robotic Mission
April 3rd, 2014
Scientists and engineers at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., are drawing up a low-cost mission concept that would send a robotic spacecraft to Phobos or Deimos, one of Mars' two tiny satellites.
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Brightest Planets in April's Night Sky: See Mars, Jupiter and More
This NASA graphic shows the location of Mars in early April at 8 p.m. local time. Mars will reach opposition on April 8, 2014.
April 7th, 2014
Planets abound in the night sky this month, which affords good views of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. And on Tuesday (April 8), Mars will make its closest approach to Earth in more than six years.
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