Get the Terraforming Mars video game for free right now from Epic Games

Terraforming Mars
You can play the digital base version of the popular Terraforming Mars board game for free, if you act quickly. (Image credit: FryxGames)

The digital version of the popular board game, Terraforming Mars, is free on Epic Games until early Thursday (May 12).

If you act quickly, PC players can nab the base game off the Epic Games store until Thursday at 11 a.m. EDT (1500 GMT). If you still want the physical board game, the base version of Terraforming Mars is still 22% off at Amazon, saving you just over $15 off its $69.95 price. 

The popular space board game sets up players for long-term settlement of the Red Planet. The game is set in the 2400s and envisions an era where humans are remaking (or terraforming) their surroundings to improve oxygen levels, raise the temperature and increase ocean coverage to improve habitability.

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Terraforming Mars$19.99now $0.00 on Epic Games

Terraforming Mars $19.99 now $0.00 on Epic Games

Save 100% on a popular space board game, adapted in digital form for PC, that sees players settle the Red Planet and terraform it through raising oxygen levels, increasing the temperature of the planet and adding oceans to a dry world.

Terraforming Mars Board Game$69.95now $54.63 on Amazon

Terraforming Mars Board Game $69.95 now $54.63 on Amazon.

Save 22% on a popular space board game that sees players colonize the red planet and attempt to raise the oxygen levels, temperature of the planet and increase ocean coverage to make Mars habitable for mankind.

The Terraforming Mars sale comes during a large push to reach the Red Planet in real life. While we're not quite at the moment where we plan to alter the planet right now, we have numerous Mars missions in orbit and on the surface searching for ancient signs of habitability.

For example, NASA's Perseverance Mars rover mission is seeking out signs of ancient microbes that the agency and its partner, the European Space Agency, will ship back to Earth via sample return no earlier than 2033.

The digital version of Terraforming Mars was first released in 2018 with assistance from Jacob Fryxelius, the original board game author. It comes with add-ons that you'll have to pay for at this time. One expansion includes extra Hellas and Elysium maps and another expansion, Prelude, focuses on more game mechanics and expansion.

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