Save 21% on Terraforming Mars and conquer the Red Planet

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Terraforming Mars is now 21% off on Amazon, and which is a pretty stellar deal for the popular space board game. 

This is a saving of over $14 (opens in new tab) for a popular space board game that revolves around galactic colonialization of Mars. Set in the 2400s, mankind is terraforming the red planet by trying to improve oxygen levels, raise the temperature and ocean coverage until the red planet becomes habitable. 

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Not to mention this game features at the top of our best space board games, so now is a great time to grab a deal.

$69.95 (opens in new tab)

Terraforming Mars $69.95 now $54.99 on Amazon (opens in new tab).

Save 23% on a popular space board game that sees players colonize the red planet and attempt to raise the oxygen levels, temperature of the planet and increase ocean coverage to make Mars habitable for mankind.

Suitable for one to five players aged 12 and above, Terraforming Mars is a great mix of entertainment - in colonizing another planet and playing with peers, and educational - learning about what it might actually take to do that.

Saving over $15 on a game that features at the top of our best space board games guide is a great deal. It provides hours of fun and there are even expansions to add more layers to this game too. Do you have what it takes to move mankind from one planet to another?

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