Space and Dinos! NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg designs "Dinos in space" clothing line [Giveaway]

Do you love space and dinosaurs? 

Retired NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg has designed a new "Dinos in Space" clothing line in collaboration with SvahaUSA, an online shop focused on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) apparel. 

Nyberg's design for this new clothing line is not only glow-in-the-dark, but it's inspired by a T-Rex toy that Nyberg sewed for her son out of the "velcro-like fabric that lines the Russian food containers," on the International Space Station, she said at the time. Nyberg flew to the station with the dinosaur in 2013. 

When she flew with the toy, Nyberg posed with it in front of the cupola, the station's window that overlooks planet Earth. This view helped to inspire the design for this clothing line, which depicts dinosaurs looking out cupola-like windows, she told "They're [the dinosaurs] in a spaceship, and they're looking back at Earth," she said.

Amazing Space Photos by Astronaut Karen Nyberg

Nyberg added that her son was a part of this design as well, telling her about his favorite dinosaurs which inspired the species featured in the print. 

As the dinosaurs in her print as part of this collection are peering out the cupola at Earth, it's interesting to think if they might be experiencing the "overview effect," a psychological effect described by astronauts that occurs when they see the Earth from space. 

"What if these dinosaurs had been in a spaceship and left Earth before the asteroid hit?" Nyberg said of the design, referencing the Chicxulub asteroid impact that wiped out Earth's large dinosaurs. "Of course, my son would have a problem because I don't think all these dinosaurs are from the same era. so they could never be in a spaceship together. But it's like the dinosaurs left Earth and now they're coming back and seeing it in all of its beauty."

"I was so lucky, like all the astronauts that have been able to, to see Earth from space and have that perspective shift that is real," Nyberg said. "I'm excited now to be able to use my art," to share that experience, she said, adding that she aims to "share that and bring awareness to how special Earth is really, to us as a human species."

For those looking to check out Nyberg's designs and wear them for themselves, the collection includes both dresses and t-shirts featuring Nybergs artwork which depicts blue and green dinosaurs looking out of cupola-like windows. In addition to four large dinosaurs in the image is a smaller dinosaur, which is designed to represent the T-Rex toy that Nyberg sewed for her son. 


Want to get a piece of "Dinos in Space" clothing for yourself? 

Nyberg's collection is available exclusively at SvahaUSA online. And right now, you can now win a piece from Nyberg's line at our giveaway with SvahaUSA. 

To enter the giveaway and start dressing in space dinos, visit the link here

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