Exclusive: Salute 'Star Wars Day' with this mouth-watering 'Star Wars: Galactic Baking' cookbook

The cover of "Star Wars: Galactic Baking"
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Billed as the "The Official Cookbook of Sweet and Savory Treats from Tatooine, Hoth, and Beyond," a sweet new "Star Wars" dessert and snack cookbook is heading to our galaxy just in time to celebrate "Star Wars Day" on May 4. 

"Star Wars: Galactic Baking" (Insight Editions, 2021) is a 128-page hardback containing over 30 otherworldly recipes themed after George Lucas' sci-fi saga, with easy-to-prepare items like Yoda's Rootleaf Rolls, Mustafarian Molten Lava Cakes, Cloud City Marshmallows, Life Day Cake, Rancor Claws, Loth-Cat Kibble, Keshian Spice Bread, Dagobah Bog Pie, and loads more.

These space opera-inspired treats are suitable for bakers of all skill levels, from Padawans to Jedi Masters, and whose origins span the entire "Star Wars" franchise including "Star Wars Rebels." 

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Star Wars: Galactic Baking by Insight Editions. $17 at Amazon

Star Wars: Galactic Baking by Insight Editions. $17 at Amazon.
The Force is strong with these tasty recipes to bake your own "Star Wars" treats this Star Wars Day. TIE Fighter s'mores are just the beginning!

Here's the official synopsis:

"Get ready to tour the galaxy with this baking cookbook inspired by the snowdrifts of Hoth, the wastelands of Tatooine, and beyond. Star Wars: The Official Baking Cookbook is the most delicious way to experience the planets, flora, and fauna of the Star Wars galaxy. 

"Whether you're throwing a watch party or hosting members of the Galactic Senate, this cookbook is a must-have for fans of all ages. Packed with stunning food photography that's sure to inspire your inner chef, this cookbook will transport you to planets such as Kashyyyk, Jakku, Endor, Bespin, Coruscant, and everywhere in between."

The cookbook's chapter headings all represent some specific corner of the "Star Wars" universe, divided up into Desert Worlds, Frozen Worlds, Green Worlds, Cities & Space Stations, and Swamp, Volcano and Mineral Worlds.

"We're fans as much as we are editors, so for us, the process of combining baking with 'Star Wars' started with finding ways to incorporate the lore into the recipes," Vanessa Lopez, vice president of licensing and partnerships at Insight, told Space.com. "Whether it's recipes like the Life Day Cake or the Loth-Cat Kibble, or in-world ingredients like Crait salt and falumpaset cheese, we imagined these recipes as opportunities for fans to feel as immersed in the "Star Wars" galaxy as possible without having to leave their homes." 

Now slip on your baking apron and blast into your kitchen to prepare this "most impressive" preview of recipes cooked up in the full gallery below!

Insight Editions' "Star Wars: Galactic Baking" arrives on Earth this May 4 and is currently available for preorder on Amazon for $16.99.

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