Save the galaxy – and a few credits – with these Star Wars board game deals in the Prime Day sale

Star Wars: Rebellion The Board Game
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Board games are always great fun and now you can save in excess of 50% on Star Wars board games on Amazon Prime Day. The annual sales event is now serving up out-of-this world fun with discounts across numerous Star Wars boars games, so there are only winners, not losers. Never tell me the odds though.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars board game now 52% off on Amazon.
Star Wars: Imperial Assault board game
now 30% off on Amazon.
Star Wars: Rebellion board game
now 30% off on Amazon.
Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi Monopoly
now 30% off on Amazon.

If you're in the market for a new board game or a new source of entertainment, we recommend checking out these deals. Star Wars: The Clone Wars board game and Return Of The Jedi Monopoly are both the lowest price they've been on Amazon while Imperial Assault and Star Wars: Rebellion are the lowest they've been for a while. There's a good range of recommended players, ages ways to explore a galaxy far, far away this Amazon Prime Day so it's definitely the right time to be considering your next games night.

now $28.99 on Amazon

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Board Game: was $59.99 now $28.99 on Amazon.

Save 52% on this pandemic style board game that includes cards and miniatures that allows players to play as legendary Jedi and fight off Count Dooku's forces together. Suitable for up to five players and those age 14 and above.

now $76.99 on Amazon

Star Wars: Imperial Assault: was $109.99 now $76.99 on Amazon.

Save 30% on this sizable board game that features over 200 cards to ensure it can be enjoyed over and over again. Players must pit their wits against each other to control either rebel groups of Stormtroopers and the Empire's forces in skirmish missions.

now $76.99 on Amazon

Star Wars: Rebellion: was $109.99 now $76.99 on Amazon.

Save 30% on a board game that incorporates more stealth than most. It features two game boards as well as 150 miniatures so that players plot against each other to decide the fate of the galaxy. Suitable for four players age 14 and up.

now $31.49 on Amazon

Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi Monopoly: was $44.99 now $31.49 on Amazon.

Save 30% on this galactic take on a classic. Instead of property this board game features iconic setting from the movie and the game pieces are characters. It uses credits instead of dollars and it's suitable for six players age eight and up.

You can check out more specifics of the games below but these discounted games offer a variety of experiences. You can either play a pandemic-style board game set at the time of the prequel trilogy in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, an adventure style game set in the aftermath of the Death Star's destruction in Imperial Assault, a strategy game in Star Wars: Rebellion or enjoy a classic with a galactic twist with Return Of The Jedi Monopoly.

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Star Wars The Clone Wars Board Game. (Image credit: Amazon)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: This is a pandemic style game, suited for 1-5 players age 14 and above. Players take on the role of Jedi and stand side-by-side with each other to complete missions and take down waves of Count Dooku's forces.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault: This game features plastic figures and over 200 cards to ensure no game is ever the same. up to five Players either control rebel forces or endless stormtroopers and massive AT-ST Walkers to complete skirmish missions.

Star Wars: Rebellion: Suitable for up to four players, this game includes two game boards and 150 plastic miniatures as players plot secretly against one another as the fate of the galaxy unfolds.

Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi Monopoly: This is a take on the classic property board game that features classic settings from the movie and includes credits instead of Earth-based currency. Suitable for up to six players.

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