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These Star Trek Prime Day deals are a must to get your Trek on

This Star Trek wooden 3D puzzle is on sale for Prime Day.
This Star Trek wooden 3D puzzle is on sale for Prime Day. (Image credit: Star Trek)

Set phasers to stunning deals this Amazon Prime Day.

If you're a Star Trek fan looking to score some sweet merch this Prime Day, these deals are for you. Especially with in-person conventions on pause last year with the COVID-19 pandemic, 

Whether you grew up idolizing Kirk and Spock, if Picard will always be your captain or if your love for all things Trek has blossomed with the more recent "Discovery" series, there's something for everyone. 

To start off with something a bit unexpected, this Star Trek: The Original Series mug hides a secret surprise that's only revealed when you pour a hot liquid into it. What might seem like just a "regular" mug featuring Captain Kirk sitting in the captain's chair on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise is hiding a secret. 

When you pour hot liquid in, you will soon see hundreds of tribbles appear all around Kirk, doubling and tripling in number as quickly as they would in the Trek universe. 

Star Trek: The Original Series Tribbles Heat Mug| $16.95 $10.17 at Amazon (40% off). This heat-sensitive mug reveals a secret tribble-tastic image when a hot liquid is added. View Deal

For the more fashion-conscious Trek fans out there, this officially licensed 5-pack of Star Trek socks is perfect for a subtle (or not so subtle) addition to your wardrobe. 

The socks fit mens shoe sizes 6-12 and the pack includes 1 pair of each of the five designs which feature Kirk, Spock and Spock's signature Vulcan salute. 

Star Trek Kirk and Spock Men's Crew Socks| $19.99 $15.99 at Amazon (20% off). This 5-pack of Trek socks is perfect for the fashionable Trek fan in your life. View Deal

Now if those socks are a bit too long for your liking, there is also a Prime Day deal for the shorter, low-cut ankle sock version of very similar Kirk and Spock patterns. These shorter-cut socks fit juniors/women's sizes 4-10 and, unlike the taller socks, feature phrases including "Beam me up Scotty," (an iconic phrase that was never actually said in Star Trek) "Live Long and Prosper" and "Trek Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself."

Star Trek Kirk and Spock 5-Pack Ankle Socks| $11.99 $9.59 at Amazon (20% off). This pack of Star Trek ankle socks features classic Star Trek phrases and cute depictions of Kirk and Spock. View Deal

Looking to decorate everything you own with Trek? Look no further than this 70-piece Star Trek sticker set featuring characters from different Trek series, catchphrases, a wide variety of styles and even fan-inspired art that includes cats in Trek uniforms. 

Star Trek stickers - 70pcs| $7.99 $6.39 at Amazon (20% off). This 70-piece pack of Star Trek stickers features all kinds of different Trek styles and designs. View Deal

For those whose favorite captain is, and will always be Captain Jean Luc Picard, this model might be for you. 

With this 3D wooden puzzle, you can build the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The model also comes with a 32-page book all about the ship from its capabilities to images of the ship from throughout the series. 

Star Trek The Next Generation 3D Wood Puzzle| $17.99 $14.39 at Amazon (20% off). Build the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek with this 3D wood puzzle and model.View Deal

You may have built models of your favorite starships, but have you ever flown one? With the Air Hogs Star Trek Enterprise Drone, you can fly the U.S.S. Enterprise where no one has gone before. 

Air Hogs Star Trek Enterprise Drone | $129.99 $99.99 at Amazon (23% off)
Dodge Klingons and explore strange new worlds with the iconic USS Enterprise remote control drone, on sale for 23% off at Amazon. Just pop some batteries into it and you can get flying long distances from your controller.View Deal

While you might not have been able to go to a convention or fan event in 2020, if you're looking to add the perfect accessory to any Star Trek cosplay, you can't go wrong with an original series communicator, like this one below, on sale now for Prime Day. 

Diamond Select Toys Star Trek: The Original Series: Communicator| $39.99 $37.99 at Amazon (5% off)

Beam me up, Scotty! The epic communicator of "Star Trek: The Original Series" can be yours at a discount at Amazon. It looks like a flip cell phone but of course, is potentially powerful enough to call in a starship, so there is that.View Deal

Last, but certainly not least, is this Star Trek Cats book

Star Trek Cats| $14.95 now $10.99 at Amazon (26% off)

In perhaps the best "Star Trek" alternate dimension ever, beloved characters from "The Original Series" transform into cats in this great book. Because you haven't lived until you hear Vulcan wisdom spouting from a shorthair feline.View Deal

While it's not exactly canon, that doesn't mean it can't be a ton of fun. Whether you're a Star Trek fan looking for something a little bit different or a cat lover dipping your toe into Trek for the first time, this book is a sure-fire hit. 

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